How To: Fix Graphic Adapter Problem Intel 82810/82815 E on Windows XP SP2, XP Sp3, Vista, And Windows 7.

This graphic adapter is old already but I believe some people still using it. Problem is when you are using intel graphic adapter 82810/82815 E you will meet problem on mostly all operating system started from XP sp2 into windows 7. You might can install the driver for this device but it will not work and only give screen resolution 640×480 pixels with color quality only 4 bit (Locked, blah!).

That’s the problem, device won’t work on all windows version started from windows XP sp2. I have one old computer using this graphic adapter and yesterday I try to use windows XP sp3 (before I was using XP professional sp1, all device working fine) after installing sp3 I found out my graphic adapter not working (4 bit dude) I’m going to intel website and searching newest driver and install it, over and over it won’t work! I try to update from microsoft website but as predicted it fails! i’m locked on 640×480 pixels with 4 bit color quality.

I’m frustated and start to think trash this graphic adapter *lol* so I’m searching on google and found one interesting information. On one forum, I found someone use this graphic adapter too and meet same problem like me. He refers to some bad driver update for intel graphic adapter started from windows XP sp2 which contains i81xnt5.sys files with version So I started to think… if this graphic adapter working fine on XP sp1 with old driver it should working fine too on every operating system within old driver! correct, that’s the key!

So I started to reinstall this graphic driver and exctracted from windows Xp SP1 to get some important driver files. I try to install it again manually and bumps! this device working perfectly! hahaha *lucky guy* 😀 If you have intel 82810/82815 E graphic adapter and meet problem on it, don’t trash it!. Just follow this stupid hack, I guarantee your graphic adapter will working on all windows operating system (not sure for vista/windows 7 with aero theme because it will need graphic card with some memory requirement).



You will need to download this package files to install your intel 82810/82815 E manually. It’s included older version of i81xnt5.sys files which working fine for intel 82810/82815 E graphic adapter (I extracted it from in sp1).


First if you’re device already installed you have to remove it manually and deleted files i81xnt5.sys from %systemroot%\windows\system32\driver and then restart your computer. After restarted windows will automatically detected your new hardware and find drivers automatically. When it asking for files i81xnt5.sys you have to directed it into packages files I give, and then next requirement files also included in this package. Once it done and your hardware already installed restart your computer again, if it not working you can kill me, JK 😀 it will work! I give my guarantee.

Done for today, Have a nice day everyone 🙂

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21 thoughts on “How To: Fix Graphic Adapter Problem Intel 82810/82815 E on Windows XP SP2, XP Sp3, Vista, And Windows 7.”

  1. This looks like the solution I have been looking for, but I am worried that it is slightly beyond my skill level. How do I get into the driver to delete the file and then replace it with the one you have provided?

    Best wishes


  2. for driver installation just follow installation. The hardest part is when you need to change i81xnt5.sys, rename the original files then copy i81xnt5.sys from my packages then reboot your computer. If you see you screen color and screen size normal you have to deleted the renamed files.

  3. Thanks for your reply
    I can’t seem to find the path you describe. I can’t find %systemroot%. I have got C:\windows\system32\drivers but can’t find the file you mention.

    What do I do next?


  4. Hi Istanto
    I found the file OK, but in C:\windows/ServicePackFiles
    It was not present in the Drivers folder, so I copier it there from your package.

    Still no luck at all!


  5. whoah this blog is magnificent i really like studying your posts. Keep up the great work! You realize, a lot of persons are hunting round for this information, you can help them greatly.

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  7. Not sure what to do with all the files in the “package”. I’ve extracted them and replaced the i81xnt5.sys file in windows/system32/drivers with the i81xnt5.sys in the package. Is that all I need to move?
    I then uninstall the 82810 graphic controller, then restart. But when it restarts it seems to go through the “found new hardware” and installs drivers automatically. And I still end up with driver version – and the 4 bit colour problem. Help!

  8. Try this: remove video adapter device from “device manager” and then delete “i81xnt5.sys” from %systemroot%windowssystem32driver if files can’t be deleted try to use program called “file assasin” to kill and deleted locked files, then restart your computers.

    By default when windows starting, windows will try to located files named “i81xnt5.sys” if windows can’t found this file on “driver” folder you may have alternative way to insert this file manually from any location, at this step use “i81xnt5.sys” from my package.

    It should be works, I already try it on xp sp1 sp2 sp3 and vista. If if doesn’t just asking again when I’m not busy at office I will help.

  9. I did follow HOW TO section but it didn’t ask for me to direct it to i81xnt5.sys – it seemed to find it anyway. I think it automatically extracted it from a CAB folder? I did find another i81xnt5.sys in that folder but I couldn’t delete it.

  10. you have to find all i81xnt5.sys and replace them with sys in packages, I hope it’s solved the problem. alternative way you may googling about “windows backup driver” in files and registry to prevent windows reinstall old known driver.

  11. But aren’t those the HOW TO instructions, which I’ve already tried? Anyway, I did it again (uninstalled the graphic controller), deleted i81xnt5.sys from C\windows\system32\drivers folder and restarted computer. The computer “found new hardware” but then just carried on and installed the driver automatically (still same problem, same driver). I looked in the C:\windows\system32\rivers folder again – and i81xnt5.sys was back! AS I said earlier, it looks like the computer is finding i81xnt5.sys somewhere else (it seems to be in all the following folders:

    (as well as, of course, the one I downloaded in the package from you – which is in my download folder). Should I delete all of these? Some of them? Replace them with the one I got from your package?

  12. Right, I replaced all i81xnt5.sys files with the one in the “package”. I couldn’t replace the ones in cab files so I used the NoFindInsideZip utility which allows me to set up the computer so that it never searches in cab and zip files (until you run it again and choose that option). Still no good. It keeps finding the old i81xnt5.sys file! What is interesting is that, as soon as I delete or replace the i81xnt5.sys file in system32/drivers and then do a search – its back again! Seems the problem may be that I can’t uninstall the graphic controller or disable it without restarting the computer but, once it restarts it automatically searches for driver and finds the one I dont want (because it seems that it goes immediately back into system32\drivers as soon as I delete that file – unless the graphic controller is uninstalled – but it won’t uninstall unless I reboot!!! Catch 22!! Help

  13. Still stuck. I noticed that, if I paste the i81xnt5.sys file from your “package” into system32/drivers (replacing the existing one), it only takes a second or two before the computer changes it back again!

  14. you already know the problem, why don’t you try to be more creative finding alternative solution to replace that files? there is old ms-dos or some bootable linux that you can use it to replace that file easily. I’m busy at office so sorry I can’t help to much.. bring you computer in front of me and I will fix it in 2 minutes.

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