How to become success publisher

Many of us might don’t know how to become success publisher. Publisher is not kids job it’s totally professional brain working behind it and of course the target is traffic and revenue.

Imagine if you have 1 website “with” 10.000 unique visitors daily or having 10 website with 1.000 unique visitors daily, which one do you think the right way to make you become success in publishing?

Right, having more website might help you to maximize your revenue but it will consume your time more than 10 hours a day sit and work behind the computers :p then you are free like a bird it’s not joke. “that’s the key” people around the world are unique not everyone have same interest, by giving them different information you will become the world library. Traffic will flow for your website depend on how you promote it and how about revenue? it will vary also depend on the topic.

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