HOT ISSUE: Paypal can withdrawn money to Indonesian local bank.

Wonderful, and greatest performance from paypal in last 3 years. After I write critique in my old blog around 6 months ago talking about paypal really sucks on service now I think I should rewrite another opinion about paypal.

Of course this is really GOOD NEWS for all Indonesian people, my country has been released from blacklist and I hope it will continue reopen until paypal giving full service for my country and I hope all country around the world, Right now not even 3% from my country people know about paypal and use them service. This is because having internet connection in here to much costly and it need penetration sponsored by TELKOM

In 2010 will be around 67% Indonesian people using Internet and this day is good starts if you want to be in the TOP list (about pyramid scheme), So back to the topic how to withdrawn paypal to local bank on Indonesia?

It’s easy to withdrawn your money but to complete the form you have to follow this step:

There is fee you should know, if you withdrawn money less than Rp 1.499.999,99 (around $160) the fees is Rp 16.000,00 (around $1,6) if more then all those service are FREE

Before withdrawn your money the hardest form is bank code, This is NOT swift code again this is not swift code! after talking with some of friend the bank code is 3 digit of your bank code + 4 digit of your local bank code

You have to know more information from your local bank I have some list bank code in here if you’re not sure or your bank not listed in here better asking them for verification.

Bank code Indonesia

Bank code Indonesia

You have to put your 3 digit of your bank code and 4 digit from local bank code (better you contact your bank to make sure) of for BCA costumer you can check it instantly from here. Let say example my bank is bank Harda and my 4 digit local bank code is 1234, so i write information in the form 125+1234 = 1251234

That’s all and you should waiting until that money arise into your bank account.

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