Grow and drive traffic to your website by submitting your website to directories, ads, blogs and more.

Webmaster, Keep this simple formula for yourself:

Traffic = Sales/Income

No Traffic = No Sales/Income

How to get traffic? Many of services available out there from FREE into PAID services. If you have money to spend this will not be a problems. Anyway if you want to promote your website for free you will need $0.00 requirements for doing this.

First, I recomended you to use WebCEO (download it from here) this will help you to submit your website/blog to some search engine using manual and automatic process, and the good things is this programs are FREE alternative:you can upgrade it into paid when you fell this programs usefull.

Secondly, Use directory submitter (take look on this sample still there another similar out there. Anyway if you want to get a BIG list of directory I will publish it on next article.

Third, Use Ping Service (only for Blogs) I will write the list on next article

Fourth, Submitted into classified ads. For fastest process semi-auto I prefer you to use this free service from growURL, Anyway this is only free service and they classified ads site are new and not ranked. If you want to see my BIG list for classified ads I wil write on next article.

Last, I’m not recommended you to use autosurf! stay away from them!

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