Google PENALTY PayPerPost and TLA Members PageRank

Just update today, one of my friend buzz me on Yahoo! Messenger and tell me google just update pagerank. There is HAPPY and SAD Story for some bloggers who joined paid per post program and other paid links.

Google give penalty to PayPerPost members by reducing their pagerank going down. Another report from some of my friends… there is penalty also for TextLinkAds members other report their PR going down because SPAM link and NOT UPDATE their content. Basically if you want to get high pagerank you have to get backlink, the problem is not the QUANTITY but the QUALITY.

Since paid for review programs and paid link programs come out lot of advertiser was advertising to raise up their Pagerank ,This make Pagerank logarithm become not clear. Google are not stupid… their smart.. everyone cheating will get caught even sometime it need time.

Anyway I think joining paid for review or sale link actually will not affected on our pagerank as long We keep Bring relevant and genuine content combined with that paid section

I care about my pagerank so I checked all my websites…

  • PR 2 (not change)
  • PR 1 (up from 0 )
  • PR 1 (not change)
  • PR 1 (not change)
  • PR 1 (down from 4 to 1 since spammer spam my forum with their xxx advert)
  • PR 1 (down from 4 to 1 since spammer spam my forum with their xxx advert)
  • PR 2 (not change, even I joined but I always write my genuine content.. that’s why google not penalty it.. I HOPE)
  • PR 0 (not change, this blog still young =p)

I hope on next cycle it can be raised =p , I personally not really sure how pagerank works and calculate but I believe QUALITY are better than QUANTITY.

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