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WOW, This website service offer really make me interesting. There is comment in my blogs writing about they affiliates programs that will pay $1 per referrals sign up. I just look on there checking service they offer also look on their contact pages It’s look like they are legitimate.

Do you have blogs in free blogger account? I have around 6 and it all hosted by hyperwebenable will convert your old blog to complete website include new domain name they also will hosting it all for FREE. Anyway I have PR blog on blogger so I think if I remove it right now I will lost some revenue for it he he 😀 .. Not just blog they also offer more great service take a look on this:

1. Become proud owner of your website instead of using or
2. Convert your own blog ( to complete site
3. Create blog service provider like and provide thousands of blogs to the users.
4. Get multiple services like Blog, Forum, CMS and more.
5. Start your own forum at and create best forum.
6. Start your or social networking site for your college or university like
7. Unleash power of website by using CMS scripts like Drupal or Joomla and start full-fledged content site.
8. Interested to start image galleries based site like or
9. Interested in news start your own social bookmarking site like
10. Start your own free wiki site like with us.
11. Want to start your own classified site like

That’s great service, Anyway…. I’m not sure this will TOTALLY FREE after your website success. I’m still waiting response from hyperwebenable owner to clarify this.

Get free website for your blog

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  1. Guys you are not alone believe me. I’m absolutely agree with you. It doesn’t matter what other people would say just trust me. I know for sure that it’s about real events.

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