Everything You Need To Gain Profit in Forex Trading

Hi everyone, In this short articles I will share some of my technique or ways to gain profit in Forex trading. As we already know Forex market is the best place to grown your money if you do the right things on there, but it also risky place if you don’t know what you’re doing on there. Basically there is 2(two) Forex analysis it was Fundamental and Technical. Fundamental will predicted movement based on news, condition, report, etc. Technical will predicted movement based on some indicators, ex: Parabolic, CCI, etc.

Both of this analysis (Fundamental and Technical) are opposite each others. So, You will never find the answer if you following both analysis. You need to choose only 1 (one) I recommended Fundamental. Here is some tips and trick from me. You will need this tips to gain profits. When you’re success please spare some to my bank account he he.. JK.


1. Analyze the yearly and monthly chart, Find out what the Major trends, Do not fight it.

This is basically fits for long terms traders. Sometimes people don’t know how to analyze MAJOR trends. Forex indicators only shown a 5 minutes or 30 minutes chart and newbie don’t know they should buy or sell. Once movement false they will cry and out the market with result loos their money.

2. Reads the news from best and trusted financial producer.

This is very good tips for analysis. I give a sample, when I read the news about riots in London (3 or 4 days ago) I was predicted GBP (Great Britain Pound Sterling) will going down and it’s happen GBP down really bad in that day. In another sample I remember when Obama will become the United States president. USD (US dollars) strong for 4 days continuously! When there is no news or event like this how we can predict the movement? Read about unemployment report or S&P (standard and poor)Â rating. This will help you to predicted market movement.

3. When to enter, Market time, Fast and stable Internet connection.

I already give this tips long time ago, you can read it from this link. Use google search to find when the time market open. Use a service from windows time (or other) and synchronize your local time. Usually (not always) when first market open it will going up! but remember it’s not always happening.

Make sure you’re using fast and stable Internet connection because this is an real time trading platform which need an Internet connection. Don’t ever use slow connection! (1 pips hurt)

4. Money Management.

If you’re not planning to get margin call and loose you money make sure you calculate everything before you open position. You should create a small calculator (use excel or hire professionals to created it) Calculate how much you will trade with some money you have in account.

5. Stop when profit and start it on next day.

Sometime when we got profit we will crazy to trade, this is bad. Once you got profit and you think it’s enough stop it. Why? This is about your emotional, usually people will have their best focus in 4-6 hours daily. When you’re not focus again how you can trade?

6. Buy premium signal.

Some Forex professional trader out there will give you signal about market prediction. Of course you need the premium one (pay them) which you will get a real suggestion from professional traders. Don’t take free signal seriously it’s more likely gambling.

7. Use the scalping technique.

Read my old article about wait and see daily chart. Learn how to stop loss and target point (Technical analysis). Learn how to lock market movement. You can search more in google search there is a lot great result for Forex strategy.

8. Analyze Forex and Commodities.

When gold price going down it will affect some currencies using gold as their base. I will just share 1 I know the AUD (Australian dollar) movement based on gold price. *sometimes there is delay so this is your chance :p

What you should not do:

1. Using Forex Robots.

This is really bad technique, If you’re trading on forex using robots. Even some people claim they ‘re not doing anything and robots take care for all tradings I believe this is just a words of marketing. Just curious if they robots can make them billion dollars why they sell it for some dollars. Help others? No! there is no free lunch remember that.

2. Don’t Trade if you don’t know the pair currency character.

When you don’t know the pair currency characters I suggest you to learn using an virtual account first. Ex: GBP/USD have a pips range 100-300 daily. The result will not same with other pair.

That share for today, Have a good day everyone 😀

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