Economic Global Affected the World

Seems like what I predicted in December 2008 will become true, After reading news from some source I predicted USA in next 1-3 years next will stay in economic crisis condition. After president Obama fails to stimulate the US Dollar raising, from wrong on pledge an oath and also his decisions on supporting Israel beside help people in Gaza to live normally I think it will make US dollar get hit going lower in next movement. USA will stay on crisis after Obama change his decisions to make a better world, Obama forget on his own promise to make a better world for everyone, USA still not renew it’s MOST same like when BUSH still president.

Some big company is USA already affected by this movement, said Microsoft Company doing the BIGGEST PHK in history (Fired?? I don’t know how to write in English he he he..) Followed by Yahoo and Google this is signal that company already affected by economic global crisis. Index Dow Jones, Nasdaq are going into the lower position in history, believe me.

Well, Actually this is global crisis, not only USA but WORLD anyway mostly other country not really affected than USA except country has become American puppet. How to survive on this condition? uh..oh.. Sorry I don’t have any tips for this condition he he.. people should stop wasted their money for unnecessary thing and waiting, that’s all.

In other side this crisis condition can be the right time for you to investing and growing your own business. When other company colaps this is your time to move, just becarefull on moving when you wrong you’re gonna bankrupt ha ha ha *lol* Do you have some product? try to sale it in other country. In marketing strategy basicly when you sell something on people doesn’t have enough money to buy it then you wasted your time. Go and sell it to others with positive condition.

Last notice to everyone… Many people already make BIG profit from this condition, BIG movement and wrong prediction will make you loss. Be smart and analyze something before you doing on next step.

Good Luck 🙂

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