Easiest way to make money from “fool” google pagerank.

Alright, because I’m happy today I will share this tips to all of you 😛 We all know there a lot of link sale business out there and with good website pagerank we can make some $$$$ very easy. The problem is, when google found out (don’t know human or robot, probably robot 😛 ) we sale link on our website, google will punish it by droped it’s pagerank.

Fine, no problem for that. We still can make money by sale link without get punished by google. How to do this? basically if you know when pagerank update you might can make a lot money from this trick. example: said you know google update pagerank each 3 month, you buy one website (with PR) for $10 and sale link on it for 3 month, you made $160 your total profit is $150 once google drop it’s pagerank leave that website or you might can parking that domain. ****LOL****

Where to buy cheap website with PR? there is lot in digitalpoint forums and some in other webmaster forums, find it out yourself. Where to sale link? there is TNX,Linkworth,Backlinks,TLA and other, find it out yourself.

That is the trick, very simple and easy to follow right? hehehe. Many people doing this but not many know it, so I think i should share this with my blog reader. Have fun, earn some money! 😀

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