Earn fixed monthly income from banners

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I think this advertising type will become popular in next advertising generation, Yes.. I’m talking about programs that will pay you fixed earning monthly by placing banners on your website. Most of them are UK based company which looking for business site, insurance site, legal site, and any other content site they wanted (most genuine content).

In the past article I write about betterthanbanners which not accepted new members again (but they still active and paid also still approved some of my new site) , theadnetwork, matched and the other one I just know from adsense-sby forum is freebies4webmasters.

*breathe* Let’s imagine how much possibilities we can make fixed monthly earnings from this network. Different with CPC, CPM, or CPA network which needed some specification, qualification, and condition.. this network doesn’t really care about your SEO, Traffic, Pagerank, Alexa. All they want is keep their banner on your website which approved in their networks and you will earn money each month.

*For beginner joining this program very recommended by me*

So.. it is possible we make $1.000,00 or more in a single month? my short answer will be yes it is possible and I declare make money from internet has unlimited possibilities as long you learn a new way and learn the trick how to reach it.

Let’s back to the topic.. said you have 100 website and all of them approved into 4Â? network site like this you will make 4x100xÂ?5 = Â?2.000,00 Monthly.. it is good? it’s not over yet… the trick is for each network they have different advertiser so if you have 100 site approved into the network cross you will make 4x4x100xÂ?5 = Â?8.000,00 is it enough? NOT ENOUGH!?!?!? said if you found 10 network like this and all your website accepted you will make 10x10x100xÂ?5 = Â?50.000,00 well if it done and you can’t find other site will pay you fix monthly earning you can… combine it with CPC, CPM, or CPA network or try to sale your real product and you will make $unlimited monthly 😀

Better for your wealthy and better for your user, most of this banner will not annoyed your users, there is no pop-up or a***t ads on it (as far I know) they are clean. Perhaps the hard way is when you try to apply it so… my recommendation… make lot ofÂ? genuine content website *lol* No, I joke!! it’s all back to you if you really need to reach your target… if you’reÂ? doesn;t really care about money then don’t make lot of site which will waste your time and your money 😛

The last.. if you fell this article help you please do my favor as usually referral links *lol*

Please write my email [email protected] onÂ? referral box on this site


Or joined matched using this link


Thank you 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Earn fixed monthly income from banners”

  1. freebies4webmasters are better they accept 2 of my site I just joined and put your email on recomendation.

  2. I would like to say matched is not really good, they have limit on each personal account to earn no more than $150 a month, maximum is just 75.00 GBP = 139.410 USD so I prefer joined freebies4webmasters and theadnetwork 😀

    Thanks for share,

  3. Mostly they pay for 5GBP per 1 website without look on how much traffic and click I generate. If I have 100 website then they will pay me 5×100=500GBP monthly. Ads format is fixed usually their format is 486×60 some about insurance service or similar. The best thing is fixed earning, when you run PPC or CPM your earnings will be based on your website performance. I suggest you to analyze your website first before you decide which one you will used.

  4. Good day pls i just want to ask you some few question 1: pls can you tell me how much these website pay per month for you advertising for them and 2: how does the
    ads appear on your site, is it based on your site page content? and can you control the ads that appear on your site.
    Good day and thank you.

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