Dreamhost downtime 4 hours!

OMG! This is the longest downtime in DreamHost since I joined them, I lost much of visitor usually I get in that 4 hours.. simply said it just 4 hours but I lost much of potential income.

This downtime detected already around 2 days ago, I got report in my email lot of my website TIMEOUT. Learn from this case I should have another backup hosting account so when there is downtime my income is keep rolling 😀

Emmmhh.. This downtime also affect my earnings for today he he he.. but it’s ok for me, DreamHost still the best hosting out there also their price is reasonable!

Use my coupon SUPERDUPER50 for $50 discount on DreamHost, Keep DREAM! I love DreamHost 😀

Green Web Hosting! This site hosted by DreamHost.

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