DreamHost: creative hosting solution

This is my 4th month using Dreamhost service and the result is I love Dreamhost! Dreamhost management are funny and really creative, professional but always bring their low profile not forget to sometimes write jokes on their email or blog. I love it! this is my first hosting that really make me interested.

Today dreamhost make a false management on their billing and they send me an email with funny words ha ha.. I laughing on it but really I love how they take costumer attention I will not get anger when I know they make false and apologize for it.

Dreamhost better than other! yaa.. we all know there is some hosting company really jerk and sometimes we can’t choose which one really fit our needs. In Dreamhost your space and bandwith will grown every weeks so you don’t need to worry about meet your limit on space and bandwith. It costly around $119 per year (not cheap) but I think it’s fair enough with their performance and support.

The BAD thing I hate about dreamhost is some people say they blocked some crawler or robot to crawl our website.. it’s not good when those robot cannot find information on our site for they add it on their search results.

Aynway if you want to get discount for new costumer you can use my coupon SUPERDUPER50 it will give you $50 discount for new costumer on dreamhost.

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