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Payloadz Affiliate Banners

What the benefit for putting payloadz affiliate banners on your site? People! this is you should to know, beside we can rotating on payloadz affiliate programs, payloadz also pay $0.10 for each site just by putting their affiliate banners on your site! Eh?! is it to low?!?! how much website do you managed/owned? more than 500 site? let’s calculate it umm… you can make $50 each month! no requirement. It’s doesn’t care about your pagerank, your traffic, your [email protected]#$%… as long that affiliate banner there on your site payloadz will pay for it! What the secret behind this stupid post?… Read More »Payloadz Affiliate Banners

Don’t: use adtoll as your primary ads network.

Why? because adtoll will not pay all of clicks you get, if there is no ads available. To bad, most of day on this week there is no paid ads available and I remove them until they make better changes. Email from Dan to me around 2 days ago… Istanto, Hi there thanks for the inquiry. There are 3 reasons why in your account area your ad groups display clicks but there are no earnings for them. 1. Your ad group is being served the AdToll default ad as there are no ads currently available to be served. Default ads… Read More »Don’t: use adtoll as your primary ads network.

Make Money with Adtoll

Are you looking for CPC alternative beside google adsense? why you didn’t use adtoll! why use only one income source if you can maximize it using two or more ad network as long they not broken terms in each ad network. The key on maximize your publishing earnings is combined the primary ad network with another ad network and of course if you have loyal visitors you can maximized it again using affiliates programs or try to sale product. Back to the topic, This article will review Adtoll. Adtoll is young ad network (for me personally) but you will find… Read More »Make Money with Adtoll

Dont use pay-ads, if you dont want to get banned with google search engine

How many of us hearing and know about pay-ads? pay-ads is CPM networks will pay around $3.50 for 1000 impressions. Beside that high rate CPM there is something bad behind it…. tested and verified by some friends, pay-ads will cheating you.. first they not record all impressions, secondly they redirect your visitor into bad website, some friend also has clarify pay-ads spreading an virus. The bad bad bad thing will happen is your website will got banned from google search engine thinking about it how much visitor you will loose if you keep use pay-ads. I’m not joke I was… Read More »Dont use pay-ads, if you dont want to get banned with google search engine Review, I found this ad network 2 days ago when I looking on google ads. Sounds like what they promised make me interesting. I was looking for CPM network that can fill my unfilled advertising space. Benefits Summary: High CPM Rates Brand Name Advertisers Absolutely no ad-serving fees Nonexclusive contract 100 Fill Rate % Wide variety of different ad units Live statistics reports on demand Dedicated sales force working for you Superb phone and e-mail support Fast payouts by check, PayPal, or Wire AD UNITS 468 x 60 Banner 120 x 600 Skyscraper 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper 300 x… Read More » Review

Big Green From Google Adsense

Big green from google adsense, Some of you might already know this or maybe not already know about this, Started on January 2008 google adsense for referrals product will no longer supported on some country including my country, Indonesia.   This is the green alert I got when I checked my adsense account, I know your question WHY google stop this referrals product in some country. I just go to Adsense blogs and read on there… If you’re outside of North America, Latin America, and Japan, AdSense referrals will be retired. WHoaaaaaa….. stop screaming! =p this is not the end… Read More »Big Green From Google Adsense

DreamHost: creative hosting solution

This is my 4th month using Dreamhost service and the result is I love Dreamhost! Dreamhost management are funny and really creative, professional but always bring their low profile not forget to sometimes write jokes on their email or blog. I love it! this is my first hosting that really make me interested. Today dreamhost make a false management on their billing and they send me an email with funny words ha ha.. I laughing on it but really I love how they take costumer attention I will not get anger when I know they make false and apologize for… Read More »DreamHost: creative hosting solution

Google PENALTY PayPerPost and TLA Members PageRank

Just update today, one of my friend buzz me on Yahoo! Messenger and tell me google just update pagerank. There is HAPPY and SAD Story for some bloggers who joined paid per post program and other paid links. Google give penalty to PayPerPost members by reducing their pagerank going down. Another report from some of my friends… there is penalty also for TextLinkAds members other report their PR going down because SPAM link and NOT UPDATE their content. Basically if you want to get high pagerank you have to get backlink, the problem is not the QUANTITY but the QUALITY.… Read More »Google PENALTY PayPerPost and TLA Members PageRank

PPP (Pay Per Play) New Online Earning Trends?

A week ago my friends invited me to try joined on PPP network to monetize my website, I was looking on there… Heck! I feel like I was on wrong place, I was reading on their FAQ but I fell something will false on there even they status still beta. The website look like unprofessional design, I was think what the benefit for those advertiser to pay publisher just for send sound ads to visitor.. what they return just for hearing some sound ads? Maybe… Trojan or Adware? I’m not sure.. Then I looking on their sample ads I was… Read More »PPP (Pay Per Play) New Online Earning Trends?