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Hard Decision

I know it’s hard to choose which ads network really fit our need on earnings and stability, at least today I positive have choose bidvertiser as my second ads network after my primary ads network google adsense. Why I choose bidvertiser? The reason is very simple. I like their payment options and highest bid which I can choose to served on my ads page. Why not adtoll or adbrite? Adtoll pay to low! beside that, Adtoll not always show ads on their network *we loose* How about adbrite? adbrite are good actually but hate their system “waiting for ads” yesterday… Read More »Hard Decision

FREE Website For Your Blog

WOW, This website service offer really make me interesting. There is comment in my blogs writing about they affiliates programs that will pay $1 per referrals sign up. I just look on there checking service they offer also look on their contact pages It’s look like they are legitimate. Do you have blogs in free blogger account? I have around 6 and it all hosted by hyperwebenable will convert your old blog to complete website include new domain name they also will hosting it all for FREE. Anyway I have PR blog on blogger so I think if I… Read More »FREE Website For Your Blog

Maximize Your Website Potential Earnings Through BritePic

Do you have photos or wallpaper site or any site loaded with pictures on it? Think about maximize your potential earnings under ALL your picture content. It’s not the First target but it might can make you maximize your potential earnings. Let me introduce you BritePic. BritePic official site can be found in here basically BritePic can be used to make your images more live and Interactive, but beside that there is potential money we have to look on it seriously. I personally already know about BritePic around 8 months ago, its under adbrite network. But today I started to… Read More »Maximize Your Website Potential Earnings Through BritePic

CrayonHost Review

I was used CrayonHost for 2 days already and I want to write review for them, I’m not promote them but you guys might want to read my review first before use their service. okay, here is my review… 1. Good costumer support. CrayonHost costumer support score is GOOD I have problem and submit some ticket on them, CS response it not really fast but in normal 1-6 hours and almost my problem fixed. 2. Price to high. Yes, Hosting price is to high (for me personally) another top hosting may offer more space, more bandwidth and more less restriction… Read More »CrayonHost Review

Business Moving Service

I believe everyone know about DHL or UPS service? Yes, That is mail and package service.. How about business moving service is there available one? You bet again! I discovered new unique site service “business moving service” Actually this is my first time seen moving service online on He he he… Always there is way for people want to making money *laugh* 😀 reliancerelocation offer moving service with negotiate price you can negotiate with they first when you want to use their service. They slogan friendly budget, friendly service. It’s not a BIG company but they promised good service… Read More »Business Moving Service

Translation Services

Why translate..? The best way to partnership is to communicate with your partners in their own language. English is standard language right now on this world, but… How many from us can write and understand it in more specific? We live in different country and culture. sometimes it’s not really easy to understand how and what to say in English. I’m proudly as the one! my English still bad until now he he he.. how about you’re wrong understand your about partner say OMG it will become trouble, OoopS! :-p There are so many free online translator out there example:… Read More »Translation Services

Nokia 6235 Review

I Just buy this 6235 yesterday from local dealers in here with price $75 or around Rp.730.000 Actually I’m not satisfied with design and hardware this phone offer. I will change it with another type but I like to write review it first for some people who’s might need information for this phone. This 6235 can be categorized as middle class phone. If this phone needed to compare with older nokia CDMA series of course 6235 better. I said better in where? This phone more stable to be used as modem (compare with older series nokia CDMA). This phone doesn’t… Read More »Nokia 6235 Review

Adtoll new format: Peel Away Ads

All I can say for today.. Adtoll was brilliant! They made new ads format looks really wonderful and beauty in design. With Peel Away Ads format we can save lot of our advertising space and monetize it ONLY for interest costumer. How I can say it save lot of advertising space.. Peel Away Ads format only take around 100×100 dead pixel on your top right side once people interest on it and move their mouse on there ads will start scrolling and open the format 500×500 pixels. Really.. All I can say about this is Brilliant Idea. It really takes… Read More »Adtoll new format: Peel Away Ads