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Cheap Laptop Refill Battery or Wrong Price?!

My Story today, This old laptop battery has drop and cannot be recharged ha ha ha poor me 😀 I send it back to kotakom store and asking them to refill the battery. After waiting for 2 week kotakom contact me and asking if I want totally battery change I will get charge $10 or Rp 90,000 ($1=Rp 9,000) OK I approve that and waiting to see how kotakom work. Laptop sending back to my home and kotakom asking me to get it on their local store in my city. I come to there and surprise they only charge me… Read More »Cheap Laptop Refill Battery or Wrong Price?!

Hard Decision

I know it’s hard to choose which ads network really fit our need on earnings and stability, at least today I positive have choose bidvertiser as my second ads network after my primary ads network google adsense. Why I choose bidvertiser? The reason is very simple. I like their payment options and highest bid which I can choose to served on my ads page. Why not adtoll or adbrite? Adtoll pay to low! beside that, Adtoll not always show ads on their network *we loose* How about adbrite? adbrite are good actually but hate their system “waiting for ads” yesterday… Read More »Hard Decision

Youtube got blocked: Affect from Fitna the movie

Started from today when I write this article officially memkominfo has declared ultimatum to blocked access into youtube and any blog or website has fitna Movie content on it.

Mohammad Nuh

This letter of ultimatum has been sent to 146 ISP (Internet Service Provider) and 30 NAP (Network Access Provider) on Indonesia, It’s strange because I can still access youtube site. Also I’m disagree with blocking access to youtube site because fitna movie. Actually I hate that movie from my personal view that movie can make war because provocating Muslim and Christian,Read More »Youtube got blocked: Affect from Fitna the movie

Adsense performance bad until September?!

Well, I read this issue from cosaaranda blog, Cosa said on his blog started from March to September Adsense are in bad performance… umm.. I’m not sure but maybe cosa right. My Adsense earnings on march down around 20% from last month earnings but hey It’s not to much difference or maybe cosa just want to make HOT issue on his blog?

Cosa is old Adsense player, he might have more more more experience if compared with me but for this one I’m little bit not agree with him. The key is only traffic and keyword to keep earn money daily from Adsense! So…. if this issue right what you will do? Read More »Adsense performance bad until September?!

My Canon PowerShot a460

I just purchase this digital camera from sentradigital online store yesterday. After 2 days searching in local store in Malang town square I just see high price label on it. Sick, why people always looking for profit ha ha ha 😀 .. After searching on google I found the cheapest price is on sentradigital I look on their site and found one of my old friends are support on there so I don’t scare to buy something from there. After transfer I’m waiting 24 hours (more) the package come to my house I open it.. Yay! Finally here is my… Read More »My Canon PowerShot a460

Surat Terbuka: Ajakan Dialog Terbuka Dengan Sdr. Roy Suryo


Surat Terbuka: Ajakan Dialog Terbuka Dengan Sdr. Roy Suryo

Dari situs

Kepada Yth. Sdr. Roy Suryo
Perihal: Ajakan Dialog Terbuka Mengenai Perkembangan dan Isu Blogger Indonesia.


Banyaknya aspirasi para blogger yang tertuang dalam blognya masing-masing mengenai ketidaksetujuan atas komentar-komentar Sdr. Roy Suryo di media massa yang cenderung selalu memojokkan blogger.


Perlunya tindakan untuk meluruskan informasi-informasi yang diberikan Sdr. Roy Suryo kepada media massa, khususnya mengenai pandangan negatif Sdr. Roy Suryo kepada blogger.

Memutuskan & Menetapkan

Perlu dilakukannya dialog terbuka dengan Sdr. Roy Suryo mengenai isu-isu yang berkembang saat ini, khususnya isu-isu yang selalu menyudutkan blogger serta informasi-informasi lain yang secara umum cenderung membodohi masyarakat.

Saya mengajak kepada Sdr. Roy Suryo, untuk melakukan dialog terbuka dengan semangat sportifitas untuk saling menerima masukan guna kemajuan perkembangan teknologi informasi Indonesia khususnya perkembangan blogger di Indonesia.

Saya yakin Sdr. Roy Suryo sebagai orang yang sudah diakui pakar dalam bidang Teknologi Informasi bisa meluangkan waktu dan tempat untuk menerima ajakan dialog terbuka ini.


Saya yakin Sdr. Roy Suryo tidak akan mengatakan tidak tahu mengenai adanya ajakan dialog terbuka ini. Ajakan dialog terbuka saya posting melalui blog dan insya Allah akan tersebar Read More »Surat Terbuka: Ajakan Dialog Terbuka Dengan Sdr. Roy Suryo


My Crazy PlaN

idiotEvery time I’m boring I always got new idea.. Today, I dreaming on my idea “making my own ads agency” LOL 😀 I’m not joking this time people he he.. I was thinking on how much profit I would make from this business opportunity. After talking with my father for FUNDS he was laughing on me… I’m not sure I will make profit for first years… Blah! Are You Crazy?

Fine, no one supported me for funds I will earn it myself 😀 ha ha.. of course it will be my Crazy plan I’m bored just get little percentage as publisher. I was searching on google and found AdQuick This one might will be my choice option for ads script, simple but working!

Percentage?Read More »My Crazy PlaN

WP Super Cache Strategy

Good day! I wishing everyone happy in this Christmas and Holiday season 😀


In this short articles I want to write my personal experiment review for WP super cache. Here is the story, In the past 6-9 months ago I’m using wp super cache just because my hosting recommended it. I run some websites on budget host and most host technician complaint about resources. Nothing special until I notice my revenue is not so great even my traffic great enough.

Two weeks ago I bought a new server just because my websites not fit anymore on budget host. I do setting and everything run properly until I notice something annoying. My traffic is greater but my revenue is to low. Why this is happen? I do some research and analyze the problem, Re-Setting server configuration to the maximum resources but there is no difference.

At the first time I was thinking: Maybe (just maybe) my traffic not coming from premium country so it may not so great in conversion and affect my revenue. But it was wrong! not completely wrong actually! I do deep analyze and found my UV and Impressions not counting correctly. After long investigation I found the problem is on cache. I believe many of you already know what is wp super cache, but for you don’t know what is it: wp super cache generate HTML files and serving those HTML to all visitors: real human traffic including search engine bot traffic.

Read More »WP Super Cache Strategy

Auto Backup MySQL Database

Data is important thing in company or organization. People who can’t protect their data is the loser this day. Can you imagine you lost all your data for works? it just like a heaven go away from you he he.. This happen to me yesterday and I lost 1 month production data caused by bad electrical environment. In this short articles I will share a small information how to backup your data periodically. I am using windows server and xampp to run every automation so I will write how to backup MySQL database periodically. First thing you need to know,… Read More »Auto Backup MySQL Database