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Make Money From Your Images With

In the past article, I write about how to monetize your images website using britepic. Yesterday my friend email me and share this good information, now we can monetize our images on blog/website using “ImageSpaceMedia” technology. I would say ImageSpaceMedia ads better in looks and earnings, in BritePic cost per click around $0.01 to $0.10 in ImageSpaceMedia cost per click is fix $0.10 per click, it’s also has good look on ads viewed, look at this sample… I Like this ads, it’s look almost same with youtube video ads, I’m sure your CTR through this image ads will be very… Read More »Make Money From Your Images With

Make Money From Perfect Money Affilite Programs

Hi everyone sorry for not blogging for a months ago… I’m busy IRL, sometime lazy to write in this blog, sometime there is no new topic I can write hehehe… This time I will write how we can make money through perfect money affiliate programs. First let me introduce to you what is perfect money, It’s look like similarly service with paypal “Internet payment system” of course there is a bit different perfect money give interest rate 7% yearly, but I’m little curious about their legitimate. It’s doesn’t mean they are scam, just because their system same with e-gold and… Read More »Make Money From Perfect Money Affilite Programs

Proposal to create adsense alternative network

After a few day’s looking for monetize my traffic site I look on some great network I even seen before, specially for CPM network out there they rate are variate and better than adsense eCPM. Some of them are local network which started around 1 years ago, Happy to see they are growing in this local market. Last week I contacting my partner in bandung to submitted my proposal to his company about creating new ad network, seems like he’s interesting and start calculate everything lol 😛 and finally… he’s approved it hahaha.. We will start this project as soon… Read More »Proposal to create adsense alternative network

Adsense Optimization (Part III) Position for performance – be noticed

Sorry for bugging you guys with this new adsense optimization video, Because I think this video good for sharing you might want to take a look on this simple video for optimization. That’s right, as you can please put your adsense ads on place which people can see it without scrolling their page, combine it with other part optimization sometimes bigger ads is better! you could see something different. Good luck! 😀

Adsense Cheque Make Me Sick

Oh no….. I hate this cheque what should I do with this one?? *look at my face im sad* LOL.. Dear uncle google please send me westernunion MTCN number I would be show my happy face for that MTCN compared with this cheque. When the time for Indonesian publisher collect their adsense earnings fast and easy? this cheque will got cutting $25 sometimes more for process and 25 days to complete in cashing to bank account. Geographic limit in here make me sick when other publisher are Happy with their adsense earnings got cashed fast with low fees. Paypal is… Read More »Adsense Cheque Make Me Sick

Banner Business starts to grown near this year

First I like to say for all Muslim around the worldÂhappy Ramadhan,Âthis is my story for share today…Â:) Nice to see this money right?Âhe he heÂ:P This is payment proof from some banner network theadnetwork and freebies4webmasters (I have another but will uploaded it on next days). By just for put 3 banners on your site you will get paid 5 GBP per website for each month. Sign-up bonus is 10 GBP.ÂNo matter about your SEO score your pagerank your alexa your blablaÂas long your content fit and genuine with them they will approve you to their network and paid… Read More »Banner Business starts to grown near this year

Stupid story after 3 days starting my hosting business

LOL! I can’t stop laugh today.. This is special story today that really make me laugh ha ha ha.. I was telling this story to all my friend, my family.. most of them laugh and smile because this is first time there is someone doing business like this 😀 Alright here the story, I try to starting resale hosting space. So I need an media to show my product to people in hostmambo, Because I need to complete that website fast as soon as possible(another project waiting me) I was looking on some hosting website and look on what they… Read More »Stupid story after 3 days starting my hosting business