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My Target For 2008

Planning? It’s not to late.. my target for 2008, I have some idea to make more blogs in different category and monetize it using paid to review, two social networking site, and might one youtube clone. After researching for a weeks I’m really thinking the real benefit to make social networking site as my first target which it can be grown faster and bigger than other type content. I was looking on some website who’s sold they script similar with myspace or facebook site, this one might be my choice the demo have a problem in different browser but I… Read More »My Target For 2008

Check from Google Adsense

Ops…. my prize for this month coming from google adsense on saturday 15:00 AM local time in here. I’m waiting this package for 5 days until it delivered into my home.. My lovely check from google adsense, which I’m planning to cashing it on BRI or NIAGA since there is no CityBank available in my city T_T.. my dreams google adsense using another payment options like paypal or something that we can cash it fast and cost low fees… This day only some country supported using western union but why Indonesia still can’t using it.. I hope google spread that… Read More »Check from Google Adsense

Don’t: use adtoll as your primary ads network.

Why? because adtoll will not pay all of clicks you get, if there is no ads available. To bad, most of day on this week there is no paid ads available and I remove them until they make better changes. Email from Dan to me around 2 days ago… Istanto, Hi there thanks for the inquiry. There are 3 reasons why in your account area your ad groups display clicks but there are no earnings for them. 1. Your ad group is being served the AdToll default ad as there are no ads currently available to be served. Default ads… Read More »Don’t: use adtoll as your primary ads network.

HOT ISSUE: Paypal can withdrawn money to Indonesian local bank.

Wonderful, and greatest performance from paypal in last 3 years. After I write critique in my old blog around 6 months ago talking about paypal really sucks on service now I think I should rewrite another opinion about paypal. Of course this is really GOOD NEWS for all Indonesian people, my country has been released from blacklist and I hope it will continue reopen until paypal giving full service for my country and I hope all country around the world, Right now not even 3% from my country people know about paypal and use them service. This is because having… Read More »HOT ISSUE: Paypal can withdrawn money to Indonesian local bank.

How to become success publisher

Many of us might don’t know how to become success publisher. Publisher is not kids job it’s totally professional brain working behind it and of course the target is traffic and revenue. Imagine if you have 1 website “with” 10.000 unique visitors daily or having 10 website with 1.000 unique visitors daily, which one do you think the right way to make you become success in publishing? Right, having more website might help you to maximize your revenue but it will consume your time more than 10 hours a day sit and work behind the computers :p then you are… Read More »How to become success publisher

Making Easy Money From Android Application

Good Night everyone, In this short articles I will write my strategy to making easy money from native android application. As we know android is now used by 85% smartphone population (I don’t know from where this data coming from LOL). That mean we can targeting people interest using android application. There is many 3rd tools out there we can used to create android application some are free and some are paid license. The key to get the most people attention is your application content, not the tools you’ve used to built your application. We will not talking about how to make android application but the strategy to get the maximum revenue from android cake *yuuuuuuuumm*


Next step is find the best mobile ad network. Mostly, every mobile ad network will pay average CPM (cost per thousand impression) for $0.01 some maybe more.. If in this world there is smartphone then we can calculate our potential revenue. Says 85%* = 850.000.000 take bad percentage 1% from 850.000.000 then we got 1%*850.000.000 = 8.500.000 if an average CPM is $0.01 then our potential from 1% android users are $85.000,0 per views, goddammit!

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Make Money: Hard To Find a Job? Sell Your Skills!

In the past, I’m already write short articles about, which it’s a great start place to make 5 bucks for each skills you offer to another people. This time, I will write short articles about another way to make money from your skills but you can choose on what price you want because it’s already in “product” format.

These day, finding a great job with excellent salary is really hard, lucky me I just found one he he :D. If you’re not lucky as me at this time don’t be sad, just looking for another alternative way to make money. There is a lot alternative way to make money not just from working at office. If you want to know my personal opinion, I believe online income better and bigger than working at office. And that should be true…


Payloadz is a good place to start making money from selling your digital products. Anything digitally can be turned into real cash on there. You’re good at programming? why not create something and try to sell on there. You’re good at making a game? why not create good game and sell on there! You have an good articles? you can sell it on there also! everything digitally can be real cash! *no joke*

Find out what you can sell on payload by clicking here. Photos, music, and documents can be sell on there also. Where in the worlds there is a job to take a nature picture and get money from doing that activity? in payloadz that can be possible, be your own boss, get paid at price you want, and work anytime you want.

To sell digital goods on payloadz is not free. For starts, they will give you an demo account for you to check possibilities to make money from there. Then in the future they will charge you IF you still want to use their service. This fee is covering for promoting your product, host your digital goods, and paypal seller protection. In shorts, payloadz help you to monetize your digital goods, you don’t have to worry about any legal issue, just create your product and let them sold it.

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BCA Secured Credit Card, Your Credit Card Solution

This article is targeted for readers from Indonesia. People who have a credit card is very rare in Indonesia, most of them only use the ATM card and can not do transaction globally. Payments are often used today in any website is PayPal, it forces us to have a credit card.

We already know to have a credit card in here is very difficult and a lot of criteria that we should meet. Such as minimum income and proof of salary. What if you are a freelancer or student? required a credit card for business? to received payment? or buy something on Internet? The solution is a secured credit card.

Secured credit card is credit cards using a guarantee of funds in your bank accounts. It’s working like real credit card but for the payment bank taken it from your account and lock the fund you guarantee. Limit given for this credit card is based on the amount of the guaranteed funds you have. The amount of the pledged collateral or at leastÂ3 million IDR. Example if you guarantee 10 million IDR your card limit is 10 million IDR. More funds you guarantee more high limit you will have on your secured credit card.

Because this is real credit cards you have to pay the fees each month. You can get fees information when you apply this secured credit card. Make sure you are familiar with credit card before you are going to use it.

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Make Money: Strategy To Earn Money In Neobux With Guarantee Result

Hi Everyone, In the past articles I promised to share some of my strategy for my neobux direct referrals and here is the one. This strategy need money to start but it not very big and I believe everyone can accept it. As we already know the key to earn more money in neobux is referrals. The problem is rented referrals sucks and it’s may costly more than money we earn back. In this strategy we will using referrals but not rented referrals, it’s direct referrals which there is no cost to earn from them. You may have problem to… Read More »Make Money: Strategy To Earn Money In Neobux With Guarantee Result