Build And Submit Sitemap: Is It Really Necessary

Necessary or not necessary the answer is it NECESSARY!! Sitemap will not hurt you back? Why you’re not learn to optimize your SEO through sitemap. Learn from case, why visitor not come to your website? because your website is not visible!, Visible in here mean your website is hard to found visitor who’s looking any information they needed. Through sitemap your website will got indexed and every time people search using specific keyword your website will showing in result.. that was I mean VISIBLE!

Take a look on my case on site

Look how my website can showing on position 3 using keywords “flash online games” (more data can be found through google webmaster tools about keyword and website position on each unique keyword) it’s have lot of factor in result from your website title your domain name, your meta keyword, and last from your meta description.

I will not write about it right now.. but I will writing about sitemap now. Did you know first time my website not indexed already by TOP 5 search engine my traffic has never blow up. Until I submit my sitemap to TOP 5 search engine until today I satisfied with traffic result. XML sitemap is the standard for google,yahoo,live/MSN,ask and maybe other search engine.

If you want to blow up your traffic you can build your own sitemap. There is lot of free sitemap generator you can found… for reference I personally recommended you to look on this list for wordpress you can use this nice plugins once you create it submit to google webmaster tool, yahoo site explorer, live webmaster tool, and ping some search engine to started crawler your website. Wait 1-2 month and see how your traffic can blow up. You can use google analytic to analyze your traffic.

Good luck 😀

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