Big Green From Google Adsense

Big green from google adsense, Some of you might already know this or maybe not already know about this, Started on January 2008 google adsense for referrals product will no longer supported on some country including my country, Indonesia.


This is the green alert I got when I checked my adsense account, I know your question WHY google stop this referrals product in some country. I just go to Adsense blogs and read on there…

If you’re outside of North America, Latin America, and Japan, AdSense referrals will be retired.

WHoaaaaaa….. stop screaming! =p this is not the end of day he he… google has bring good movement since the referrals is not GOOD on performance they dreaming before, This is not THE END we still can show and earn with adsense referrals product, BUT not for referring another webmaster to joined adsense (this is the biggest and easiest earning when we can get bonus $2.000,00 easily =p) so if you’re live in outside those 3 country stop dreaming about get bonus from adsense again.

But, hey! it is not fair?
No need to worry friends! I was looking on the earnings reports and found google pay more to us using their content and search product. I hope this is compensation for everyone who’s live outside that 3 country.

fair play and good targeting congratulation for adsense =p

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