Better Internet Connection for Indonesian People?!

Finally!? Indonesian people have better internet connection Better? Really? With 1021 Kb Downstream /128 Kb Upstream it’s giving better experience for Indonesian user to explore the internet. Anyway this speed only for local connection *LOL* when I tested in going connection out it’s limited to 384 Kb down/ 64 Kb upstream.

This change happen in my city after I emailed telkom in their support and I was lucky my “hot” email got reading by DIVRE people ha ha .. 😀 They send people to my home for confirmation and I complained about speed I got is to low for this normal price (at least it sold in here because they have no rival in here) complain about bad service and billing they adopted because almost all their package with different price have same quality. I asking if they want to be better company should giving same service no matter where people live.

After that meeting I seen something changed in my modem not sure if they already change everyone in my city.


Telkom Speedy is the global ISP player in here, with bigger coverage area Telkom speedy can serve all Indonesian people. Actually another ISP giving better service and price anyway they coverage area only for big cities and sometime they price going more higher!

I’m still not get why we have to pay Rp 1,975,000 or $221,91 monthly to get this service. In other side of world people pay only $20-30 to get this connection with more speed.

Poor Indonesian!

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7 thoughts on “Better Internet Connection for Indonesian People?!”

  1. Paling tidak speedy ISP termurah dan terbaik di Indonesia tidak ada lawannya tapi memang payah nih speedy speednya nggak stabil ha ha!

  2. STUJUUUU……… only here in Indonesia we should pay More for Less… :(, i guess is it because infrastructure isn’t?? like theres many island in Indonesia so every ISP have to built many of it and it need more cost. It just not fair while the other side of the world internet and communication is a rights for everyone and its not expensive though. I also hate all Indonesia GSM provider they’re sucks, they like leech >:* sucking my money i hear that Indonesia got the most above average for sms or calling rates while the services often down oyeah i know they sometimes have program like: cheap call and sms but its all often make people confused, i dont blame the ad, since i were working for advertising agency it just the provider… i hate those companies

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