Become Hosting or Domain Reseller: Is it Profitable??

Hi everyone, You might not see me writing around 2-4 days ago.. like usually I’m busy building and promoting my new website, also busy in real life… study in college and manage my cybercafe. Now it’s all almost done so I can break to writing again, I will write new article today about make money online through reseller programs.

Have you guys seen an BIG hosting company like, etc or Big domain company like, etc. How much do you think this company revenue each month? he he he keep it yourself… 😀 I believe they made million dollars daily.

Actually that is the business type we should follow, if we like to make money online. No need to work really hard there is lot of website sale their reseller hosting or domain. We can used it to make profit our own! calculate it… really simple for you to make profit for each sale you get.

Example, you buy reseller package for $100 then you resale it again for $150 so you made $50 profit in your pocket! is that really easy? No! it’s not easy.. how to make your sale grown each day? promote it, give service plus, good communicating with your costumer, is MUST! It’s not easy to become dreamhost or godaddy in just 1 day. that’s why I said it’s not so easy.

Investing? Yes is it. You have to investing some money for 1-2 years first and also your time to grown your company and then you can enjoy the profit after everything going stronger. Basically I can not predict you will success after 1 or 2 years, some takes really short time if they know how to grown their business some will take so loooooooooooong time to become success.. he he 😀

Anyway this business type is profitable! each day always there is people buy domain name for each domain name they want to build it into website they need hosting. So it just like circle or money if you in the right spot you can collect that money.

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  1. Hi,
    I like your guys service it’s really make me interesting, how it can possible to give free domain and hosting are you guys will give it totally free or will put any ads on that free domain and hosting?

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