Banner Business starts to grown near this year

First I like to say for all Muslim around the worldテあhappy Ramadhan,テあthis is my story for share today…テあ:)Payment Proof

Nice to see this money right?テあhe he heテあ:P This is payment proof from some banner network theadnetwork and freebies4webmasters (I have another but will uploaded it on next days).

By just for put 3 banners on your site you will get paid 5 GBP per website for each month. Sign-up bonus is 10 GBP.テあNo matter about your SEO score your pagerank your alexa your blablaテあas long your content fit and genuine with them they will approve you to their network and paid you each month without look on how much impressions or click you got.

Nice? yes they are the easiest and the best network for now, AsテあI predicted this banner type advertising will grown on next month toテあyear so I preparing lot of genuine site for them. *LOL*

After thisテあpayment proof I would like to ask some webmasters to join on some this banner network using my referral links, stop hopingテあfor clicks/impressions they will not fit for you if your site still new.

BetterThanBanners (contact me for add it manually through my account)
TheAdNetworkテあ(no ref)
Money4Banners (no ref)

Beside this 5 networks you can wait for next bannerテあnetwork, I predict will thereテあsome new on 2009 and it will keep growing. so how many website you manage? make them all as your money generator!

Here my FREE tips for you before you going to apply your site:

1. Look at your domain age, they might will declined website with age 1 day.
2. Look on indexed page in most search engine (I prefer google and yahoo) at least should indexed.
3. Look on your website pagerank more high pagerank you have more possibilities to get accepted but NOT GUARANTEE.
4. When you going to apply give your iimportant and genuine website page content to them.
5. Good communication with admin will give you score PLUS.
6. Available advertiser will be last factors for your application.

have a good day! 沽

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11 thoughts on “Banner Business starts to grown near this year”

  1. hi,

    Im interest with betterthanbanners, can you add me manually?I don’t have you email so can you email me back. Thanks in advanced and salam ramadhan.

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