Apache and Lighttpd Short Reviews

Choosing your web server programs might needed when you need to use maximum resource on your server. This happen to me around 2-4 days ago when there is contact from abuse department hosting about my vps reached it’s maximum specification. I frustrated because they gonna kick me out or they might charge me more if I can’t lower usage resource. After looking at the problem I was found out there is someone using (maybe bug) to use my server as spam email, I deleted that email account, the spam gone and memory going down a little, but the vps resource usage keep high and started annoyed me.

After looking more deeply at the problem this is actually caused by apache webserver, it’s takes to much memory resource and once people remote it I used to many resource, BAM! all my sites down. Thanks god finally I found the solution for this problem. I convert my Apache into Lighttpd to lower the memory usage, you bet… it working like a flash! 😀

It’s very simple to convert from Apache to Lighttpd you can done it in just minutes just follow the installation document, the problem you guy’s will faced is only one, rewrite rules because it totally different with apache. This is might be the hardest part of this installation but once you pass it you will love lighttpd more than apache! don’t you? look at this images you will love it!


What you need to know about lighttpd rewrite rules? it’s simple look at this:

url.rewrite-once = ( “<regex>” => “<relative-uri>” )


url.rewrite-repeat = ( “<regex>” => “<relative-uri>” )

Just write this rules on your configuration files, for more clearly documentation you can read it from here. Lighttpd standard configuration are faster than apache (already test it), anyway if you like to tune up/optimize it for better result you can look the documentation in here. Just follow it, I didn’t try it yet because I like the standard configuration but maybe next time when needed.

Good Score:

  • Faster.
  • Clean.
  • Low resource consumption.

Bad Score:

  • Hard to follow rewrite rules.
  • To much manual configuration.

I’m not try google sitemap generator beta yet, but I’m sure will be there no problem at all. Go try lighttpd if you want to make your website/blog faster. Have a nice day 🙂

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