Another:Forex Strategy

Another my simple strategy to win forex daily. Patient, unlimited margin, and smart analyze is the key to win. Use Parabolic SAR indicator and FIBONACCI indicator for prediction. Beside this indicator you can read people prediction and read some TRUSTED news source.

Here some important point you have to look before you’re going to open position:

  1. Looking on daily chart and weekly chart, to see what major trend are still valid.
  2. Looking on 1 hour chart and 4 hour chart to open best position following the major trend.
  3. Always use 1% margin to open buy or sell position.
  4. If you win, each 100 point open same position following your first position. Until 1.000 point you have to close all your position to safe your profit.
  5. If you loss, each 100 point triple your margin and open position not same with your first position. Watchout√ā† on MAJOR TREND don’t fight it.
  6. I recommended you to have 10.000 margin to hold floating.

Be patience to learn the market movement, in many case people are fails because they’re not patient on waiting their target, in another case they not calculating available margin so they got margin call when floating.

Good luck!

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