Adtoll new format: Peel Away Ads

All I can say for today.. Adtoll was brilliant! They made new ads format looks really wonderful and beauty in design. With Peel Away Ads format we can save lot of our advertising space and monetize it ONLY for interest costumer.

How I can say it save lot of advertising space.. Peel Away Ads format only take around 100×100 dead pixel on your top right side once people interest on it and move their mouse on there ads will start scrolling and open the format 500×500 pixels. Really.. All I can say about this is Brilliant Idea. It really takes people attention to look on it.

How that ads format looks?

Cool! why google adsense not using this ads format I really love it! If you meet the problems in your top right space you might want to use style padding-right to fix it, range from 50-100 pixels. you can see the sample peel away ads format on my other site,, and The bad thing about adtoll as I written in other post is they not always shows paid ads BTW if you’re looking for adsense alternative why you’re not try adtoll!?

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