Adsense Cheque Make Me Sick

istanto.jpgOh no….. I hate this cheque what should I do with this one?? *look at my face im sad* LOL.. Dear uncle google please send me westernunion MTCN number I would be show my happy face for that MTCN compared with this cheque.

When the time for Indonesian publisher collect their adsense earnings fast and easy? this cheque will got cutting $25 sometimes more for process and 25 days to complete in cashing to bank account.

Geographic limit in here make me sick when other publisher are Happy with their adsense earnings got cashed fast with low fees. Paypal is good option but looks like adsense doesn’t like them for payment option.. It’s OK for now, I hope westernunion payment should spreaded very soon since we all people living oustide USA are really needed another option for adsense payment.

GBU adsense, long live forever 😀

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1 thought on “Adsense Cheque Make Me Sick”

  1. yeah, i think WU is easier than this check ..
    i hope so google will upgrade payment option with WU soon … amen because I have not had a chance I melt, what his checks only got $ 77 for pieces … T_T sad …

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