May 2012

Make Money: Hard To Find a Job? Sell Your Skills!

In the past, I’m already write short articles about, which it’s a great start place to make 5 bucks for each skills you offer to another people. This time, I will write short articles about another way to make money from your skills but you can choose on what price you want because it’s already in “product” format.

These day, finding a great job with excellent salary is really hard, lucky me I just found one he he :D. If you’re not lucky as me at this time don’t be sad, just looking for another alternative way to make money. There is a lot alternative way to make money not just from working at office. If you want to know my personal opinion, I believe online income better and bigger than working at office. And that should be true…


Payloadz is a good place to start making money from selling your digital products. Anything digitally can be turned into real cash on there. You’re good at programming? why not create something and try to sell on there. You’re good at making a game? why not create good game and sell on there! You have an good articles? you can sell it on there also! everything digitally can be real cash! *no joke*

Find out what you can sell on payload by clicking here. Photos, music, and documents can be sell on there also. Where in the worlds there is a job to take a nature picture and get money from doing that activity? in payloadz that can be possible, be your own boss, get paid at price you want, and work anytime you want.

To sell digital goods on payloadz is not free. For starts, they will give you an demo account for you to check possibilities to make money from there. Then in the future they will charge you IF you still want to use their service. This fee is covering for promoting your product, host your digital goods, and paypal seller protection. In shorts, payloadz help you to monetize your digital goods, you don’t have to worry about any legal issue, just create your product and let them sold it.

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