May 2011

Make Money: Earn Extra Cash From

Having extra free time? Do you want to earn some extra cash without any risk and investment? You’re on the right place, keep continue reading on this articles. You may already hear from your friends/family about how they convert their free time to become extra cash by completing the surveys. But which company you know legit and not scam? is an place which you can get paid for giving your opinion, Surveys actually. Companies spend Billions of dollars a year trying to convince consumers that their products are the best and to buy their products and services. They achieve… Read More »Make Money: Earn Extra Cash From

PHP: Class For Mobile Device Detection

If we are using wordpress we can easily using plugin to make switch button between desktop version or mobile version for our blog. Question is how if we’re not using wordpress or we already using another CMS which not contain mobile device detection or we want to build it from zero. In this short articles I will write some technique to detecting mobile device or desktop device. Google really inspired my creativity after they allowed my country language showing ads in mobile version. There is 2 version ads which it’s only shown for Android or iPhone and another one is… Read More »PHP: Class For Mobile Device Detection

Make Money: Monetize You Mobile Site With AdMob (Integration)

Hello everyone, In this short articles I will write about possibilities to monetize mobile site and how to integrate admob code into wordpress mobile site. In this short articles I used wodpress as desktop web engine and wp-mobile-pack plugin as mobile web engine. In the past articles on my blog we already know and learn about AdMob as alternative way to monetize mobile site, admob rank become better and legit after google purchase them so don’t worry about their reputation. For wp-mobile-pack you need to learn my past articles how to doing a small modification that will affect your SEO.… Read More »Make Money: Monetize You Mobile Site With AdMob (Integration)

How to: Created XML Sitemap Using PHP

This articles inspired to share from my experience when I need to created custom sitemap in XML format for some of my website. Basically we will using PHP to generated URL following the sitemap in XML format. Why should in XML format? because mostly a great search engine using sitemap with XML format as their standard. So we will using PHP script to generated URL (others will follows standard XML format). Example we have site using PHP and MYSQL we will need to query data from MYSQL and then echo it as URL. The problem is because not all website… Read More »How to: Created XML Sitemap Using PHP