January 2011

Investment World Is Changing Fast

History of Investment The investment world has been in existence for a couple of centuries and until a few decades ago the investment industry had a small number of partnerships and they earned their share of income from the commissions on behalf of their clients. It was the need of capital of the Americans during the Civil War that drew the attention of Europeans who later involved in private banking instead of assorted mercantile activities. However, after the Civil war the financial services market met a radical change. Post World War two there was devastation all over and the existence… Read More »Investment World Is Changing Fast

PHP: How To Blocking Bad Referrer Site

In this short tutorial we will learn how to blocking bad referrer site using php script. This idea coming into my head after I’m sick looking at bad referrer site which take opportunity to earn money using my articles. Example: the baddest shortest URL adf.ly, this site shorten URL but it’s reported contain spyware and malware on ads from that page. This will lead our site in problem because people may think we’re spreading spyware/malware. Even if we claim we don’t created that link I believe 99% people wouldn’t trust us. The best thing to stop this madness is blocking… Read More »PHP: How To Blocking Bad Referrer Site

PHP: How To Fix Mostly wp-db.php Out Of Memory

Have you run big wordpress site and suddenly find out there is something not working after your wordpress site become bigger? I do, and sometimes I was thinking to use other CMS because there is no better solution for this case. Out of memory problem can only be solved by raising the memory_limit, The problem is how if I’m still using shared hosting? Actually this case already happen to me long time ago. When my site with worpdress CMS become bigger I notice wp-db.php error in hosting logs. Mostly all errors coming from out of memory. I have not found… Read More »PHP: How To Fix Mostly wp-db.php Out Of Memory

PHP: How To Limit Download By IP Address Per Interval

This issue come to my attention after I moved one of site from my network into another host. When I’m in older host they not limited bandwidth usage but in new host they limited bandwidth usage. I got data statistics bandwidth used daily around 2-5 GB (crazy visitors *lol* text site based can consume 2-5 GB data daily). This is really annoying, I keep upgraded the hosting package to keep the site running. 3 days ago I was looking for solution for this problem, I have an idea to limit the download files to save bandwidth ?abuse? usage. I was… Read More »PHP: How To Limit Download By IP Address Per Interval

How To: Remove Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x

This is an short tutorial how to remove Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x virus. This short articles will cover how to detected your system if infected by this virus, how this virus will spreading on your network and removable device , and what you can do to stop this virus then remove it from your system. This short articles provided “AS-IS” with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or accessibility. How to detect if your system infected by Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x Virus. 1. Like an older sality technique, virus will disabled your registry editors. 2. Virus will change your… Read More »How To: Remove Hybrid Sality Shortcut Win32.Sector.2x