March 2010

How To: Remove Ave.exe (Fake AntiSpyware)

You might have some strange program in your computers based on their operating system and service pack. Example: total vista security, total xp security, vista antimalware 2010, vista defender pro, vista security tool 2010, vista smart security 2010, xp anti mallware 2010, xp defender pro, xp security tool 2010, and xp smart security 2010. If you have one of any program from this list in your computers, that means your computer has been infected by this malware. I just got infected today, my computers using windows xp and service pack 3 the result is I got fake xp smart security… Read More »How To: Remove Ave.exe (Fake AntiSpyware)

How To: Install Squid On Windows 7

Squid is a caching proxy server that can help reduce internet bandwidth usage and improving response time of loading a website by caching and re-using frequently opened web page. Squid reduce the bandwidth usage and accelerate the website loading by caching static website objects such as images, flash objects and text files, with some modification Squid can cache larger files such as PDF, MP3, executable, flash videos, etc. Last week ago my client ask me to install squid on his computers. First time I meet problem because I’m not familiar with windows 7 (XP Still the best for me). The… Read More »How To: Install Squid On Windows 7

Another Way to Verified Your Paypal Account For FREE

I know, not every visitors in this blogs would to buy my virtual credit cards or using bank account service. If you are my readers I have another solution for you to get your paypal account verified without need to spend SINGLE CENTS. Keep reading on this article…. In the older article I already writing about free Payoner cards to verified your paypal account, I believe many of us already have this cards but there is no money on this card, Correct? When there is no money on this card actually we can’t using this card to verified our paypal… Read More »Another Way to Verified Your Paypal Account For FREE

Make Money With Lijit

Hi all, Sorry for not blogging over a month on this blog, I’ve been busy and sometimes really lazy to write hehehe. Now I’m back and ready for blogging again 😀 this time we will learn possibilities to earn maximum revenue from Lijit. Make money with Lijit is very easy, the hard way is when you try to joined their Ad network. Mostly all my blog/website used “Bahasa Indonesia” language has been declined, they also declined this blog with same reason, Non-English language (maybe they want primary language English, I asking for my Indonesian visitors please, if you want to… Read More »Make Money With Lijit