September 2008

Remove GoldenGhost Virus W32/Agent.GYMR

Damn those all virus maker, they will never stop make our world better. Hey for you all virus maker out there get a job and stop harassing people! 😛 To detect if your computer has been infected by this virus:

1. You will get error message “16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem” when you start up your computer.


2. Virus will change computer owner and organization become:

RegisteredOrganization = GoldenGhost.Inc
RegisteredOwner = GoldenGhost


3. When you booting you will see option -= GoldenGhost Was Here =-


This virus has been made and compiled using visual basic, compressed with UPX, virus size around 1,312 KB. To trick some newbie out there this virus will associated as windows media player files, Actually… with .exe extension.

Master Files
Virus will create master files on
%SystemRoot%\%folder%\%file%.exe (random)
%SystemRoot%\system32\%folder%\%file%.exe (random)
Blocking Windows Function
Disable function “pasteâ€
Disable run
Disable Searh
Disable FolderOptions
Disable menu Recent Documents
Disable right click
Disable CMD
Disable RegistryTools
Disable TaskMgr
Cannot show hidden files
Deleted antivirus Programs

This virus will try to deleted some antivirus programs like Norman Virus Control, kaspersky dan McAfee.

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FREE Payoner Debit Card to Verify Your Paypal Account

Do you want free debit card to verify your paypal account and in same time can be used for payment from some affiliate program, withdrawn it on any ATM with mastercard logo around the world?!?! Well… for some people this article might not useful, anyway for some freebie collector out there after read this article youÂmight can show me your smile.. he..he.. you don’t have to buy Virtual Credit Card from me although I’m not guarantee they will approve you 😛 *gasppp I’m gonna corrupt* Alright, to learn more about payoner debit card in faq, fees, legality, etc. You can… Read More »FREE Payoner Debit Card to Verify Your Paypal Account

Pagerank Update?

Who care? All my site has been hit downÂto pagerankÂ0 but I doesn’t care, really?! who care about my pagerank? google do care? people care? that small robot even don’t know how to choose good and bad site quality content. This is my site, I have full rights to write and put everything I want.. without get intimidate by anyone! Who care? I’m quit!

HostMonster Review

Well, It’s not 30 day’s yet since I use HostMonster service, but I really love to write my review about them to let people know HostMonster are good web-hosting company. Let me compare HostMonster with other web-hosting service I already used. HostMonster VS DreamHost HostMonster are little better than DreamHost, In HostMonster everything can be managed very easily using cPanel. DreamHost not using cPanel and little hard for some newbie. Beside that, in factor price HostMonster are cheaper than DreamHost with unlimmited space and bandwith HostMonster win in here compared to DreamHost, Plus in HostMonster you have ability to change… Read More »HostMonster Review

Stop bandwith thief using rewrite rules on .htaccess file

Annoyed! when some people hotlink your files/images and not giving link-back to your site, They run their own ads code using your bandwidth. I think this is not allowed! at least they should giving link-back not just stolen our bandwidth without anything like that. Would you give them some psycho attack? Then you’re on right page keep continue reading on this article.

If you want people back to your site you should make an code to stop hotlink files and give warning message on it… like my very easy sample 😛


I made an warning message in some of my site to stop hotlink, photoshop images are good but I prefer html/flash files with click action script so when people click on it it will redirect to your own site.

Once you make your own warning message time to edit .htaccess files and put this code:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)? [NC]
RewriteRule \.(swf|jpg|gif|etc)$ hotlink.jpg [NC,L]
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Remove Gadis Desa W32/Wayrip.A

This virus categorized as low class because actually this virus not really hard to removed and not really annoyed. Carefully when you received this messages/pop up:

1Â nikmatnya_gadis_desa
2Â saat pertama berkenalan dengannya aku merasa senang
3Â dia hanya seorang gadis desa
4Â dengan cahaya pada bola matanya
5Â yang mampu membawaku terbang
6Â dengan keluguannya
7Â yang selalu membuatku membimbingnya
8Â dia adalam matahariku
9Â yang mencairkan kebekuan hatiku
10 dari :rieysha

To know if your computer infected by this virus is you will see many multimedia files with size around 148KB This virus will generate lot of this files type so it will take enough your disk-space.

Norman antivirus can detect this virus as W32/Wayrip.A


Virus Master

After success to active this virus will creating his master file and also copied it into another drive like d: e: etc.


Virus will change registry value in HKLM to make it active each time computer reboot:

nikmatnya_gadis_desa = C:\nikmatnya_gadis_desa.exe

To protect himself from people( like me 😛 ) this Virus will try to blocking some windows function like:

– Folder Option
– Run
– Find
– Menu Shutdown
– Drive C:\
– Registry Editor
– Task Manager

Virus will change your browser start page redirected to (Account already deleted by ripway company) This is the virus creator homepage he try to get lot of people come to his website maybe just for click him adsense ads *LOL*

Virus will change your time AM PM value into riesyha


Virus will change your windows information


Virus will hiding your drive C:


The best part of this virus he will try to kill all security/antivirus programs with caption:
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Adsense Cheque Make Me Sick

Oh no….. I hate this cheque what should I do with this one?? *look at my face im sad* LOL.. Dear uncle google please send me westernunion MTCN number I would be show my happy face for that MTCN compared with this cheque. When the time for Indonesian publisher collect their adsense earnings fast and easy? this cheque will got cutting $25 sometimes more for process and 25 days to complete in cashing to bank account. Geographic limit in here make me sick when other publisher are Happy with their adsense earnings got cashed fast with low fees. Paypal is… Read More »Adsense Cheque Make Me Sick

Banner Business starts to grown near this year

First I like to say for all Muslim around the worldÂhappy Ramadhan,Âthis is my story for share today…Â:) Nice to see this money right?Âhe he heÂ:P This is payment proof from some banner network theadnetwork and freebies4webmasters (I have another but will uploaded it on next days). By just for put 3 banners on your site you will get paid 5 GBP per website for each month. Sign-up bonus is 10 GBP.ÂNo matter about your SEO score your pagerank your alexa your blablaÂas long your content fit and genuine with them they will approve you to their network and paid… Read More »Banner Business starts to grown near this year

Indonesia, Paradise of Internet Cheater

Sad, But this is reality we faced now in here. Once again someone cheating me, Indonesian people again!ÂKASKUSÂcase again! I’m Lucky can trace this young one fast and easy. *Click for big Photos This is the cheater posed in camera withÂmoneyÂfrom people he scammed. Fool!! this boy doesn’t know with who he faced right now *ME OF COURSE! LOL* 😛 The chronologist: I reading advertisement about reseller hosting aroundÂ2 month ago, This one sold really cheap and I’m interesting, poor me I buy this fake product. Day’s rolling this person looks like not really professional in server management at that… Read More »Indonesia, Paradise of Internet Cheater