Paypal in good performance on Indonesia, Lot of people here talking about paypal and what service paypal offer, more and more people love paypal. I can’t lie.. I like to use paypal now better than use egold. That dream will become true very soon… worldwide open business.

I got this information from cosaaranda blogs, we can verified our paypal account just using debit/ATM card with visa/visa electron logo on it, no need to buy CVV (no one will buy my CVV now.. I’m going bankrupt :-p) If your bank offer e-banking service you can get that 4 digit expuse code number instantly on last e-banking transaction. Everything can be done easy, full service from paypal help a lot of affiliater from Indonesia to sending or received money fast, easy, and secure.

This test has been done and approved by cosaaranda using card from Bank Niaga only! it’s cost you Rp 500,000 or around $55 to open new account on there. Another people response said they false to verified their paypal account using another card from bank available on here. so only card from Bank Niaga can be used for now.

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