Hello everyone 😀 just a little update… here is my short review for top 4 greatest WP plugins, I know there is thousand WP plugins out there but I only choose 4 plugins for their best contribution. Here they are the winner…

1. DB Cache

This is mostly the best plugins for low consuming CPU usage and Memory usage, when your blog in shared hosting and you got lot of traffic daily mean you’re in trouble, sometimes bad hosting company will kick you out or they will offer you going for dedicated server. It might not problem if you have money to spend but if you don’t then this plugins should help you reduce CPU usage and Memory usage. very easy in configuration, It also make your Blog loading faster!

After compared this plugins with other WP cache which claimed they can reduce your CPU usage and Memory usage, this one still the best because it only cache your database, other plugins can reduce CPU and Memory usage also but it will make your website strange and more trouble will coming.

2. XML Sitemap Generator

This plugins good for optimized your blog SEO it will generated your blog sitemap automatically and ping to search engine in list everytime you updated your blog, so crawling bot coming after your post published, the best way to get indexed faster! Easy configuration also make me love this plugins. Anyway this plugins may consume lot of Memory if you have BIG blog, but it’s not problem you can change settings in configuration.

3. Search Term Tagging

When you want to analyze your visitor keyword this plugins should help you to collected every keyword that bring visitor into your articles, it also will help you make your keyword more richer anyway some people reporting this plugins take to much CPU and Memory resource but with a little modification in the code you’re ready to go!

4. Akismet

Mostly we all hate when our blog got spammed right? yes, I’m also hate the spammer (person or product they promoting), with Akismet plugins this spammer gonna cry to try spamming on your blog, you can enjoying blogging without needed to take care much of time management for spam! good bye spammer!

That’s my short review for top 4 the greatest wordpress plugins, if you want to add more to this list just leave your comment for information and experience with using the plugins, have a nive day 😀

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