PaymentHow much website do you have? All monetized or just for fun project? if you have lot of website you might want to try TheAdNetwork as your secondary ads network that will pay you fixed earnings monthly.

TheAdNetwork basically is banner advertising their advertiser usually is insurance company. If you have insurance website you might want to try your luck to apply on TheAdNetwork.

Not like PPC, PPA or PPM ads network TheAdNetwork does not care about your site traffic, rank and any other that usually people call it SEO. TheAdNetwork just want you to put their banner on 3 pages they approved. That’s all then you will get paid each month!

One of my friend asking me are this site based same with well I think it’s basically same but TheAdNetwork are better than In here it’s better? The money of course.. LOL 😀

In we have limit on earnings monthly it’s not same with TheAdNetwork they have NO LIMIT Website for one person account! if you already have example 99 website with them you will earn ?5 x 99 = ?495 converted it into USD = $784.567 USD each month! they also give ?10 signup bonus!

Terms and condition before you apply should be read first to make sure your website eligible to joined TheAdNetwork.

Aye! I believe everyone reading this article will love this article. Remember to apply on TheAdNetwork is Not Easy. Many of people including me got rejected on some website I don’t know what actually they looking for. It might based on unique hosting IP and ads ready to sale. If you doesn’t care and want to work with me you can tell me to apply your website into TheAdNetwork. I’m not guarantee it will get approved but remember old publisher always have “special something” :-p He he.. I have been with them for one and half years and never miss payment each month so don’t scare they will scam. If you want me to apply it send your information to [email protected] then once it get approved we can share 30:70 you got that 70% save it for yourself.

Or if you’re going apply it yourself please don’t forgot to write my email address [email protected] I’m not looking for referrals bonus but it can make me more popular with them. Thank you.. 😀

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