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Well, I read this issue from cosaaranda blog, Cosa said on his blog started from March to September Adsense are in bad performance… umm.. I’m not sure but maybe cosa right. My Adsense earnings on march down around 20% from last month earnings but hey It’s not to much difference or maybe cosa just want to make HOT issue on his blog?

Cosa is old Adsense player, he might have more more more experience if compared with me but for this one I’m little bit not agree with him. The key is only traffic and keyword to keep earn money daily from Adsense! So…. if this issue right what you will do? Read More »

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Make Money Online, Tips & Trick

Webmaster, Keep this simple formula for yourself:

Traffic = Sales/Income

No Traffic = No Sales/Income

How to get traffic? Many of services available out there from FREE into PAID services. If you have money to spend this will not be a problems. Anyway if you want to promote your website for free you will need $0.00 requirements for doing this.

First, I recomended you to use WebCEO (download it from here) this will help you to submit your website/blog to some search engine using manual and automatic process, and the good things is this programs are FREE alternative:you can upgrade it into paid when you fell this programs usefull.

Secondly, Use directory submitter (take look on this sample still there another similar out there. Anyway if you want to get a BIG list of directory I will publish it on next article.

Third, Use Ping Service (only for Blogs) I will write the list on next article

Fourth, Submitted into classified ads. For fastest process semi-auto I prefer you to use this free service from growURL, Anyway this is only free service and they classified ads site are new and not ranked. If you want to see my BIG list for classified ads I wil write on next article.

Last, I’m not recommended you to use autosurf! stay away from them!

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What the benefit for putting payloadz affiliate banners on your site? People! this is you should to know, beside we can rotating on payloadz affiliate programs, payloadz also pay $0.10 for each site just by putting their affiliate banners on your site!

Eh?! is it to low?!?! how much website do you managed/owned? more than 500 site? let’s calculate it umm… you can make $50 each month! no requirement. It’s doesn’t care about your pagerank, your traffic, your [email protected]#$%… as long that affiliate banner there on your site payloadz will pay for it!

What the secret behind this stupid post? 🙂 OMG, Think about it… this might can be categorized as abused system he he.. play with your brain, if $0.10 for 1 site then $100 for 1000 site. Ummh.. how if we make blogs on free service blogging site then put those affiliate banner? Err.. I’m not recommended this way, this is cheating!


At least payloadz will pay you just for put their affiliate banner on your site, You earn money from that banners if you’re lucky you can get referrals. The affiliate banner available in different size format you can choose which one really fits your page. All you need is register on payloadz to enjoy this service.

Proof of payment from just my 2 little site showing payloadz banner.


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Short Reviews

Playing as advertiser on PPC network can help you to reach your target faster and accurate but if the networks bad you might false to reach your target and loose your money.

TRUE , around month ago I try to advertising on some cheap PPC network and some of them really not work. Call it BuyHitsCheap and Exoclick Network. I try to advertise on there and the result it traffic sending fast but there is no return back for me, what is my return? I just want they send me quality traffic but after I try them I feel like they cheating me.

On Exoclick Network traffic they send is just trash I think those clicker not even look on my pages they just click to generate revenue. I will not try to complain to exoclick I always learn and if I found something not work in the way I will not use them again so bye bye exoclick I will not use they service again.

On BuyHitsCheap Network, they sending quality traffic in time but there is no goal for me it’s look like engine work behind it, again no return back to me. bye bye buyhistcheap I will not use they service again.

What actually advertiser looking for or what they goal?

Simple, at least those advertise looking for return back. imagine if you advertising your product and there is no one interested on it. so why they click on that ads if they not interested? sounds like something not work in the right way from 10.000 visitor you buy NO ONE interested to just register on your website, of course it might cheating way for those publisher to generate revenue for their own.

Where is good place to advertising? I’m Recommended some list..

  • Google Adwords
  • Obeus Network

I already try both and they give at least good return even not excellent. so… you want to advertise? better try it using small funds to test it first before you sure they give you good return.

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Online Business

Many of us might don’t know how to become success publisher. Publisher is not kids job it’s totally professional brain working behind it and of course the target is traffic and revenue.

Imagine if you have 1 website “with” 10.000 unique visitors daily or having 10 website with 1.000 unique visitors daily, which one do you think the right way to make you become success in publishing?

Right, having more website might help you to maximize your revenue but it will consume your time more than 10 hours a day sit and work behind the computers :p then you are free like a bird it’s not joke. “that’s the key” people around the world are unique not everyone have same interest, by giving them different information you will become the world library. Traffic will flow for your website depend on how you promote it and how about revenue? it will vary also depend on the topic.

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