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Da*n I got fooled once again 🙁 I hope this will be the last time I got scammed. I already learn many experience with all those scammer. This is my newest real personal story about fraud domain appraisal. I know this happen because I’m not doing research first. For everyone please do research first before you do something. It’s will really help you to stop get scammed by many f*cking scammer out there.

So it began, *lol* One day I got email from someone I don’t know ([email protected], other report he was using another email address but words completely almost same, the good news IP always same all coming from He send mail to me and asking how much I sell my domain name (ahooy.net, actually I listed it for testing if someone interest on that domain name). This email coming after I list my domain name on SEDO, that’s why I give title with this words “Target SEDO User“. Of course I interest and reply that email, and then he started to foolish me “In order to successful transaction with him, I must buy certificate domain appraisal on website he want (this website own by him).

So I just trust this scammer without research and start to buy certificate domain appraisal on www.bestdomainexperts.com (this site owned by those scammer) After I pay and they send to me a FAKE result I try to contact this guy again. He started to acting like really interesting to buy my domain name and try to foolish me again to using www.bestdomainexperts.com service (listing) I started to smell something wrong in here, I do research on google and found out this guy is scam lot of people on there, look at this URL: http://www.namepros.com/639974-another-scam-letter-elite-investment-group-4.html

After found this page, I try to manipulate this scammer to reveal some information but no luck, all email just trash words talking blablabla.. I open dispute on paypal (now escalate to claim) and email SWREG about this scammer. I really want to puch this guy on his face till he die if he in front of me *lol* Because this case I’AM OFFICIALY CLOSED ALL BUSINESS, OFFER, PARTNERSHIP, AND FRIENDSHIP REQUEST FROM NIGERIA AND RUSSIAN.

Next, You can see all screenshot of this conversation (ALL REAL, I GUARANTEE WITHIN MY LIFE) :


My goal is not this $81.xx but I want to jailed this frauders, I can simply earn more than $81.xx in one day. This is all about reputation not about money.

This is my proof about this guy is one person, he’s frauder, he’s scammer, don’t trust his words, everything he say just TRASH.

I use two email address on this conversation, ist***o[at]gmail.com (me) and ratna*****[at]gmail.com (my sister). Scammer using two email address [email protected] and [email protected], but all coming from same IP

Please don’t laugh when you read this stupid conversation 😀

1. Scammer start’s to refer me to website he want.

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You might have some strange program in your computers based on their operating system and service pack. Example: total vista security, total xp security, vista antimalware 2010, vista defender pro, vista security tool 2010, vista smart security 2010, xp anti mallware 2010, xp defender pro, xp security tool 2010, and xp smart security 2010. If you have one of any program from this list in your computers, that means your computer has been infected by this malware.

I just got infected today, my computers using windows xp and service pack 3 the result is I got fake xp smart security 2010. First time I was thinking if this is new program from Microsoft because I just updated my Microsoft security essential then this program appears. Because this program annoying me I try to search on google and found out this is an malware. I do scanned my computers using Microsoft security essential but it didn’t found anything (this antivirus is NOT recommended) I didn’t believe when this fake antispyware say my FireFox and IE has been infected, it’s stupid 🙂 I just installed it yesterday. If you got message infected by this fake antispyware please IGNORE THEM or you might have problem with your operating system.

Ave.exe is the main component of each program from fake antispyware group. Basically ave.exe didn’t run without help from any files, there is Trojan when it active it will downloaded ave.exe and save it into your %AppData, this Trojan also will configure ave.exe to start annoying you.

When Ave.exe is active it will totally showing you FAKE infection, it’s also forced anyone infected to buy a license to remove this fake infection, if you following this stupid ave.exe you will lost your time, your money, and your operating system, Just ignore all warning from Ave.exe and prepared to remove this f*cking malware.

How To: Remove Ave.exe


1. Unplug your computer from network, disconnected from Internet.

1. Start your computer in safe mode.

2. Kill ave.exe process from your computer background (use task manager or an program that will allow you).

3. Merge this code to repair your registry (choose only one or using booth is OK):

FIX.REG (Right click choose merge / double click)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@=”\”%1\” %*”

“Content Type”=”application/x-msdownload”

FIX.INF (Right click choose Install)



HKCU, Software\Classes\.exe
HKCU, Software\Classes\secfile
HKCR, secfile
HKCR, .exe\shell\open\command

HKCR, exefile\shell\open\command,,,”””%1″” %*”
HKCR, .exe,,,”exefile”
HKCR, .exe,”Content Type”,,”application/x-msdownload”

Then reboot your system.

4. Download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Install this program on your computers and then UPDATED it first before you start scanned all your system.

5. Scan all your system, Removed all Trojan/virus/malware detected.

6. Updated your best antivirus program, scan all your system, Removed all Trojan/virus/malware detected .

7. After all scan result says no infection, connect back to the Internet then watching your network activity, if there is no activity when computer idle then you’re totally safe from this Trojan (please turn off all background which using Internet activity to make sure nothing used your connection).

Good luck 😀

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Jengkol.. What a stupid virus name, Jengkol is traditional food in Indonesia, I don’t know how to categorized this one as food or fruit… usually some people like to eat this thing but I’m not those crazy one. THE SMELL *LOL*


Alright I think no need to explain more about what is jengkol ha..ha..ha..

This virus jengkol affect is it will logging off your computers once you executed .INF files or when you editing .VBS file. This virus will works by hiding all files he found with .DOC extension. You work in big company? when this happen your bos will fire you *LOL*

Alright let’s remove this virus out from your computers with 6 simple steps. Read More »

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Yep, and that the greatÂstory for share today. After calculating this month income from internet I made profit over $9.000 on this monthÂ^^ÂMore than enough to compare with working on real job in here. My biggest income come from advertising businessÂas I said I not only using google adsense and CPC network only ohhhh…… peopleeeeee…. I actually managedÂlot ofÂwebsites teheeeee…. I will not tell you guys the URLÂfor my privacy 😀 So… my next month target will be $10k-$15k after than income established I will keep grown and grown *wooooooooooooooopz* I love this world!

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LOL! I can’t stop laugh today.. This is special story today that really make me laugh ha ha ha.. I was telling this story to all my friend, my family.. most of them laugh and smile because this is first time there is someone doing business like this 😀

Alright here the story, I try to starting resale hosting space. So I need an media to show my product to people in hostmambo, Because I need to complete that website fast as soon as possible(another project waiting me) I was looking on some hosting website and look on what they write on there. This time google bring me to ardhosting website I take their header images and logo and try to make it fit in my design.

This is the reason why I laughing so loud today, in 3 days since I open hostmambo to public (Indonesian market, poor and not really interesting) there is some people message me on yahoo messenger, some order hosting, some just asking bla bla, and the last is there a group attacking me! LOL

You bet who attack me?! no need to think people… ardhosting people try to attack me because I use their logo and header images on hostmambo site. The reason they give is really not professional. First they asking me to change the logo and header and some small images.. Done I change it (my friend laughing on me because that stupid photoshop kung-f**k?)… then they asking me to change my CSS style.. I declined it with reason there is no one complain to me with my CSS style so why I should follow what ardhosting complained to me. And it’s not done yet they keep asking me to change total my desain.. Ha Ha Ha that’s why I write “stupid” words on this post…. Really UN-PROFESSIONAL hosting company that using this way to force me… this is my design so why they keep asking me to change it and tell me copy their website 😀 LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

I don’t need to copy they crap site to sale my service ha ha ha I design that site from zero and have the source in here so why I scared with they words “do you copy do you copy do you copy” this is really make me laughing loudly everytime when I remember my chat log with them. So I asking on the real point ardhosting want and they not telling me.. mmmm all clear now they might scary on my cheapest price so they asking me to quit this business and go away.. Ha Ha Ha truth un-professional hosting company (I mean their people)

So forget it now….. I was change every images on hostmambo there is no again any ardhosting component on there. I was contacted my friends and he’s try to get me master reseller account at end of this month so I can sell unlimited space and unlimited bandwith. If you’re looking for HostMambo International market I will open it in next month with standard price $100 yearly for 1000GB Space and 2000GB Bandwith Monthly.

Keep count people…. no need to copy that crap site LOL! 😀

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