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Good Night, This is my short story with YLLIX. It’s started around 2 months ago when I’m looking for alternative ad network. At first time my friend introduced me to YLLIX I’m not really interested with them … I start to sign up and try their performance. The first month results is suck because I just wanna try them. I try to make something crazy by redirect all my mobile traffic (RAW) into one web source (not using YLLIX as target) but their auto cheat bot found me.. LOL.

In March I’m focus on YLLIX and start to send them real human traffic. The result is great but not really enough yet for Me. YLLIX start to generate revenue and send me payment daily. Yup I’m serious I got daily payment as you can see in Screenshot.



YLLIX perform better than others ad-network competitors and they do it precisely!
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I just want to share my story today with you all my readers, I just bought new domain name and hosting on crayonhost. After searching and choose relevant name for more than 1 hours I choose name why vidzmotion? actually I try to get domain name,,, but someone already register it before me…. j**k!!! 😀

Why Crayonhost? When I do searching for hosting that support for ffmpeg only crayonhost can give the best price and service (uptime guarantee). I’m not try to promote them.. this is just my opinion don’t take it to much seriously. The guys (CEO) of crayonhost is not to far away from and familiar with my country, Indonesia. And he’s understanding about what Indonesian people needed, that’s why I choose him.

No problem until now, I will try to optimize this domain popularity.. If you guys have time to look on my new video site (not done yet right now.. maybe 2-3 days later or more) and interesting, please register on there because I will pay you some $$ just for uploading your video to my site as long it’s not p**n content I promise will share my revenue with you all.

End of story today… I’m tired working on my site he he he.. going to sleep……. 😀

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Good day, This is my latest software creation but it was freedom limitless because it has to be designed following people wants (not my freedom of creation). In a short paragraph this software was designed to monitor machine production on every machine (global), auto resurrect HIM-self (database repair) calculating percentage, do logical match, etc. The story started 5 month ago, in my office there is similar software for production counter but it was really bad in design and always have problem. I was be responsible to fix this problem and re-created a new better software. Design and function took me 2 month to completed it. But to stabilize it I need 3 month+ to learn what any variable make this program unstable. After reviewing any variable I was found the main basic problem is in infrastructure, it was electrical problem because it’s not running in isolated network.

Diagram structure for panel and networking:



I give this project name “ENIAC” with “UNIVAC-X” as him webs. Each univac-x data will be sent to eniac database and global processing on eniac. Each panel have their own brain so if there is one panel error then data for tha panel will not be accurate. Each panel have logic and I have full control of this logic via internet (mean I can shut it down anytime I want he he he..)



Here are some features this program have, actually there is some vital point I hide in here to prevent copying :

1. Real time monitoring via desktop and web.



Users can view real time production and percentage calculation via desktop program and web. The problem is some data need manual input and we can’t find more people to work on it to reach at least 99% accuracy.

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Hello everyone sorry for late update this blog, I have been really very busy analyze forex market and grown my another business, busy IRL also… 😀

Now my story…….

Last week my cousins tell me in his office he got strange virus. He said there is lot shortcut in desktop an computers running slow. How actually some newbie out there know exactly which one real programs/folders and which one shortcut? Don’t say you’re not noob! almost many people not take to much attention on this simple different, that’s why with simple social technique virus maker can win beating yourself! 😛



To know when your computer infected by this virus there is 4 important point:

  1. In your “My Documents” folder there is file named “database.mdb“.
  2. There is clone folder with extension .lnk maximum 5 first folder arranged by name, rules until second sub folders.
  3. There is files Autorun.inf, Thumb.db, Microsoft.lnk in each root drive and folders, rules until second sub folders. (You might not see them because it’s set hidden)
  4. Your Registry Editor is disabled.

This virus master actually in “My Document” folder named “database.mdb” Wait… you will know why this is called as virus master. Actually virus will created clone for folder using “wscript.exe” execution. wscript.exe is microsoft windows based script host programs.

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LOL! I can’t stop laugh today.. This is special story today that really make me laugh ha ha ha.. I was telling this story to all my friend, my family.. most of them laugh and smile because this is first time there is someone doing business like this 😀

Alright here the story, I try to starting resale hosting space. So I need an media to show my product to people in hostmambo, Because I need to complete that website fast as soon as possible(another project waiting me) I was looking on some hosting website and look on what they write on there. This time google bring me to ardhosting website I take their header images and logo and try to make it fit in my design.

This is the reason why I laughing so loud today, in 3 days since I open hostmambo to public (Indonesian market, poor and not really interesting) there is some people message me on yahoo messenger, some order hosting, some just asking bla bla, and the last is there a group attacking me! LOL

You bet who attack me?! no need to think people… ardhosting people try to attack me because I use their logo and header images on hostmambo site. The reason they give is really not professional. First they asking me to change the logo and header and some small images.. Done I change it (my friend laughing on me because that stupid photoshop kung-f**k?)… then they asking me to change my CSS style.. I declined it with reason there is no one complain to me with my CSS style so why I should follow what ardhosting complained to me. And it’s not done yet they keep asking me to change total my desain.. Ha Ha Ha that’s why I write “stupid” words on this post…. Really UN-PROFESSIONAL hosting company that using this way to force me… this is my design so why they keep asking me to change it and tell me copy their website 😀 LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

I don’t need to copy they crap site to sale my service ha ha ha I design that site from zero and have the source in here so why I scared with they words “do you copy do you copy do you copy” this is really make me laughing loudly everytime when I remember my chat log with them. So I asking on the real point ardhosting want and they not telling me.. mmmm all clear now they might scary on my cheapest price so they asking me to quit this business and go away.. Ha Ha Ha truth un-professional hosting company (I mean their people)

So forget it now….. I was change every images on hostmambo there is no again any ardhosting component on there. I was contacted my friends and he’s try to get me master reseller account at end of this month so I can sell unlimited space and unlimited bandwith. If you’re looking for HostMambo International market I will open it in next month with standard price $100 yearly for 1000GB Space and 2000GB Bandwith Monthly.

Keep count people…. no need to copy that crap site LOL! 😀

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