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img_0089.JPGMy Story today, This old laptop battery has drop and cannot be recharged ha ha ha poor me ๐Ÿ˜€ I send it back to kotakom store and asking them to refill the battery. After waiting for 2 week kotakom contact me and asking if I want totally battery change I will get charge $10 or Rp 90,000 ($1=Rp 9,000) OK I approve that and waiting to see how kotakom work.

Laptop sending back to my home and kotakom asking me to get it on their local store in my city. I come to there and surprise they only charge me Rp 90,000 I asking again to verify if they not make an mistake on billing. They sure I only get charge for Rp 90,000. Crazy? Yes, my friend got charge around $40 to refill her laptop battery but why I only pay $10? ha ha ha I was thinking if kotakom cheating me and not change the battery component so I come home and tested battery performance.

I open the battery and see there is 2 week warranty label on it. I contact kotakom again and they say this is standard warranty 2 weeks for battery refill.

Finally this is time to make sure kotakom cheating me or not. I turn on laptop open winamp play some mp3 song and let laptop alone.. Amazing this old laptop can run for 2 hours 15 minutes! Amazing, what those guy change on my battery ha ha ha when first time I used battery this laptop only can run for maximum 45 minutes and now it’s back again to normal! If you have old laptop better you refill the battery only than buy a new laptop it’s to priceless ๐Ÿ˜€

You want buy cheap laptop? I prefer you buy it from Murahkom if you love to buy laptop with cheap price. They give total service but.. the bad thing I hate from them is they working to slow like my case waiting 2 weeks for refill battery. Anyway it was not a big problem for waiting 2 weeks because I satisfied they can bring my old laptop back like new!


Aye! Finally my old laptop back like new! LOL …

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I just purchase this digital camera from sentradigital online store yesterday. After 2 days searching in local store in Malang town square I just see high price label on it. Sick, why people always looking for profit ha ha ha ๐Ÿ˜€ .. After searching on google I found the cheapest price is on sentradigital I look on their site and found one of my old friends are support on there so I don’t scare to buy something from there.

After transfer I’m waiting 24 hours (more) the package come to my house I open it..

Canon PowerShot a460

Yay! Finally here is my digital camera, Actually I don’t really need this item but after talking with Francis Alvin Tan (my Friend) yesterday, we both like to exchange picture to make our art site content RICH, Francis take picture from he’s country and I take picture from my country. That’s actually the main reason I purchase this item he he poor me.. After test this camera the result is great I love this camera! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Make Money Online

New hope for 2008?

After a day’s I was thinking about maximize my earnings from online business. today I tried something different from my old activity I try to make online store. but I have problems in here, I don’t have enough product to sale so I choosing to try amazon associate first.

After 2 days I try to contact someone who register domain before me and it’s false, the owner not response me back. My hope is gone for making amazon associates targeting on Indonesian potential costumer. NO this is my target and my dreams for 2008 so I keep make online store but in other domain name. My first try for sale is on Ahuuy Store if it success I will buy another domain name and of course setting it to the maximum.

With 10% bonus from every amazon item sale I think it’s fair enough, if the item price $300 then I got $30 mmmmm…. not so bad! I just have to thinking about attract people to visit my site and hope they will purchase something on there traffic and SEO technique will be used again today. Combine this associate model and earnings from publisher I hope at least I made $1.000.00 a month to pay all my bill and save some into my bank account! hehe..

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Good day, after a few months I was looking for best script to make my online store. I found some useful and free script but of course their SEO are worst, The premium one has better looks but they not guarantee on SEO result. Lucky, I was found one plugins can integrated wordpress become online store in just minutes. Take a look on this beauty wp store…


Why I choose wordpress? as we all know wordpress are simple CMS in management but powerful after we added some SEO plugins and other plugins it will become great CMS, in other option almost all paid hosting allowed wordpress to used.

To build your online store using WP e-Commerce plugins follow this step :

  • Install your wordpress.
  • Download WP e-Commerce plugins.
  • Extract it and upload it into yours plugins directory.
  • Activate WP e-commerce plugins.
  • Customize it including your theme and other module you need.
  • Done.

Simple right? fast and effective. The problem you will faced is maybeร‚  on the customized theme and module, it’s not easy to make a good theme for online store to take people attention on it.

Of course you can add optimize your wordpress SEO, said permalinks, title tag, keyword, sitemap, and other SEO technique you know.

Meet any problem? Discuss it! leave a comment and I will response back, have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

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Make Money Online, Personal

2008 will ending soon in a couple weeks, I need to preparing my next target for 2009. This year I will focused on programing service. I have an idea to make service based on programing, like cybercafe billing (basically billing service for anything) , fun programing like games or application for computer and cellphone, and computer protection.

Same like 2008 I still will grown my gaming site and maybe will build new 2-4 gaming site, build dos games archive site, 1 free font resource, ETC, plus many otherร‚  content I was thinking in my brain.. I have looooooooooooot of time for new idea for website content. About the genuine content I might created online store focused on electronic item since I have connection with some big online store on Indonesian market this might can generate a little money for myself *LOL*

Still there is one I was thinking about what obama focused on? hmmm..?

*Smiling* ๐Ÿ™‚

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