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Good Night, This is my short story with YLLIX. It’s started around 2 months ago when I’m looking for alternative ad network. At first time my friend introduced me to YLLIX I’m not really interested with them … I start to sign up and try their performance. The first month results is suck because I just wanna try them. I try to make something crazy by redirect all my mobile traffic (RAW) into one web source (not using YLLIX as target) but their auto cheat bot found me.. LOL.

In March I’m focus on YLLIX and start to send them real human traffic. The result is great but not really enough yet for Me. YLLIX start to generate revenue and send me payment daily. Yup I’m serious I got daily payment as you can see in Screenshot.



YLLIX perform better than others ad-network competitors and they do it precisely!
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Make Money Online, Online Business, Short Reviews, how many of you all already known about this site? If you not mind let me write a short review for this site. slogan is “Matching Advertiser With Publisher” as they slogan said they will advertising ads matching with your site content. Example: you have insurance site they will advertise insurance ads. almost works totally same with betterthanbanners. Basically you just need to put banner ads on your site and you get paid fixed price each month. No matter how much people click or ignore it, how big your site, how much visitor you got each day, how popular your website, what is your google pagerank, what is your alexa rank bla bla bla..

First time you joined you will get 5 bonus after that for each ads you will get paid 3 per month. They also offer affiliate for each new publisher you refer they will pay you 5 . Payment will start once Read More »

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After searching on hosting review I found out most people like scalahosting and recommended them as good hosting provider. I try using their hosting service with start plan, everything was fine until one day… The problem is still not coming after I add my domain on there. In next 24 hour scalahosting email me and tell me this site has reach limit they provided in their hosting service.

They asking me to upgrade but not using shared hosting I just can use VPS/DS for this site. I think it’s only marketing strategy. I believe once host company email and complain about abuse on their server I won’t use them anymore. Enough! I’m back to HostMonster again my lovely host provider and they not complaint to me after I add this site to my account.

In short review ScalaHosting is good hosting for small site, budget site, but not great for development site. Mp3zap only received around 300 unique visitors daily but scala claim script consume more than 10% cpu resource. I buy this script from someone and everything inside has decrypted using ioncube, I can’t do optimization. The good side for scalahosting, they not disable all my site instanlty but they waiting for my action in next 24 hours I really appreciate that.

So If you’re looking for great shared hosting I recommended HostMonster and HostGator, Arvixe also fine but not great but they still can be negotiated if there is problem. ScalaHosting, Hawkhost, JustHost is limited hosting, they won’t allow traffic site on their server.

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I’m already used webhostingworld around 6+ month already, Today I decide to write an short review for them and compared them with hostmonster. Did you confused to get hosting with a less limitation? I mean limitation on content, example hosted site with content a***t or mp3 files. Well.. if you do then you’re will be happy after reading this short review.

Webhostingworld allowed a***t hosting (all plan) and mp3 files hosting (for gold plan only) this is their plus score, server performance did not really fast I think it run based on “quality by price“. Another good score for webhostingworld is their great support team, mostly my hosting problem with them solved in no more than 20 minutes! I’m not lie… even in some condition they reply my complaint in 5 minutes and solved the problem 🙂

Compared HostMonster VS WebHostingWorld

  1. Price and limitation, I think it almost same between both of this host company, just a little bit difference on marketing. Depend on what we’re looking for… hostmonster almost can guarantee we will not face problem with them because they have limiter per account. In webhostingworld this feature is not available, we may face problem in the future if we used to much resource. Hostmonster not allowed to host a***t or mp3 files on their server, webhostingworld allowed it. In score I would give 9 for hostmonster and 8 for webhostingworld.
  2. Server stability and uptime. Hostmonster still winner in here mostly my site hosted on hostmonster never down except there is problem/maintenance. In webhostingworld downtime is not to much but sure it sometimes 1 times in a week (it make me crazy, you know each minute we can generate money so time is priceless). In score I would give 9 for hostmonster and 7 webhostingworld.
  3. Costumer support (CS). No doubt! webhostingworld have the best support team ever (based on my experience) they mostly friendly and understand what the problem we faced, mostly my problem solved in no more than 20 minutes. Well, hostmonster costumer support not really bad but sometimes they “little rude” the time for solving problem also a little slowly mostly the case solved in around 30-40 minutes. In score I would give 8 for hostmonster and 10 for webhostingworld.
  4. Affiliate program, both are great. 10 for hostmonster and 9 for webhostingworld.

This is just my short review based on my experience with them, if you disagree with me please don’t blame me. Have a nice day everyone 😀

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Good news for Indonesian Publisher, is the best options today for Indonesian publisher to monetize their blog/website. Combination between CPM and CPC make this network can compete within international network. In this short reviews I will compared it with paypopup.

1. counting your pages impression, every country! their rate is Rp 1 for 1 pages impression. Said if you received 10,000 pages impression then your earnings should be around Rp. 10,000 it’s = $1 remember pages impressions not same with unique visitors so you could reach it very easy read on your awstats how much your pages impressions per month! (if you compared with underdog media they pay you just arround $0.02)

Biindit also combined with CPC, anyway their rate really to low said 1 click = $0.02 – $0.05 it’s to low but it helped by impression counting so I think this is the best options for now. (if you compared with adtoll their CPC rate is $0.01 per click)

Biindit ads will not annoying and harmed your visitors, it just like standard text ads and banner ads and not contains popup or virus.


Paypopup rate :

Geo Traffic, CPM rate
USA $1.80
United Kingdom $1.80
Canada $1.30
Australia $0.90
Austria,Denmark,France,Japan,Norway $0.50
Hong Kong,Taiwan $0.30
China $0.25
Others $0.35

This standard rate looks good but wait this is NOT page impressions, this is unique visitors counting! so think again before you gonna apply with them.

Paypopup not combined with CPC that’s mean how many click you got you will not get more money for that click, they just counting that unique visitors pop-up.

Some people reporting paypopup ads sometimes contains virus/trojan, I’m not sure about this issue but I do believe because they must be handle billion ads serve daily so they can’t control everything. Anyway you can contact them if you found any bad ads.

ist-biinditFrom this short reviews I think you can start calculate…… are better than anyway it’s deppend on your choose I will not forced you to used biindit, biindit server right now are in maintenance so they will not stable for next 2 weeks until new server up. I was talking with their enginer and they confirm biindit right now are in maintenance so better waiting in next 2 weeks then start using them.

I recommended you to join biindit and paypopup just don’t go for network pay to low! let’s remove networks pays to low and get a better network. Let them up the rate so it compete with other networks.

Have a nice day 😀

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