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I’m already used webhostingworld around 6+ month already, Today I decide to write an short review for them and compared them with hostmonster. Did you confused to get hosting with a less limitation? I mean limitation on content, example hosted site with content a***t or mp3 files. Well.. if you do then you’re will be happy after reading this short review.

Webhostingworld allowed a***t hosting (all plan) and mp3 files hosting (for gold plan only) this is their plus score, server performance did not really fast I think it run based on “quality by price“. Another good score for webhostingworld is their great support team, mostly my hosting problem with them solved in no more than 20 minutes! I’m not lie… even in some condition they reply my complaint in 5 minutes and solved the problem 🙂

Compared HostMonster VS WebHostingWorld

  1. Price and limitation, I think it almost same between both of this host company, just a little bit difference on marketing. Depend on what we’re looking for… hostmonster almost can guarantee we will not face problem with them because they have limiter per account. In webhostingworld this feature is not available, we may face problem in the future if we used to much resource. Hostmonster not allowed to host a***t or mp3 files on their server, webhostingworld allowed it. In score I would give 9 for hostmonster and 8 for webhostingworld.
  2. Server stability and uptime. Hostmonster still winner in here mostly my site hosted on hostmonster never down except there is problem/maintenance. In webhostingworld downtime is not to much but sure it sometimes 1 times in a week (it make me crazy, you know each minute we can generate money so time is priceless). In score I would give 9 for hostmonster and 7 webhostingworld.
  3. Costumer support (CS). No doubt! webhostingworld have the best support team ever (based on my experience) they mostly friendly and understand what the problem we faced, mostly my problem solved in no more than 20 minutes. Well, hostmonster costumer support not really bad but sometimes they “little rude” the time for solving problem also a little slowly mostly the case solved in around 30-40 minutes. In score I would give 8 for hostmonster and 10 for webhostingworld.
  4. Affiliate program, both are great. 10 for hostmonster and 9 for webhostingworld.

This is just my short review based on my experience with them, if you disagree with me please don’t blame me. Have a nice day everyone 😀

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UnderDogMedia is CPM network that will monetize your traffic (US & Canada only), Here is my short review about them. First time using underdogmedia I was little surprised by see their CPM rate, with only 10 click and 2 action I earned around $1,26 anyway it just the beginning, when I think this networks fails to fill 100% my inventory I started to remove their script.

After a month I’m waiting and analyze this network actually they giving me the lowest rate CPM. take a look on this sample rate picture:


It’s not really bad if they can fill 100% my inventory. The bad thing I hate is they only counting US & Canada traffic only and sometimes they edited it and give fixed cents to me? that sucks I mean I received lot of click daily and they give only cents for this lot of click? no doubt I will removed this script soon when there is no change.

Their pop-up rate actually really good, anyway it always back into the problem again because only US & Canada traffic + manual editor will make we lost money as publisher. Paypopup seems better than underdogmedia in earnings, trust me.

If you’re looking for 100% fill rate I recommended to going for globalinteractive they fill 100% and counting any impression from any country, their rate is almost same not much difference with other CPM networks.

This is just my short review based on my experience so if you want to give them a try then you can go try it, anyway I’m not responsible if they will make you lost many CPC opportunity.

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Personal, Short Reviews

5 days ago I ordered 3 years hosting from after reading people review in some top 10 shared web hosting review and experienced it myself here is my short review about JustHost… really short 😀

JustHost VS HostMonster

Price shows the quality?? not really… both offer mostly unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and service, but you have to know.. HostMonster have better CPU and management. JustHost can’t handle this blog traffic, in just 2 days they email me and warned this blog take to much resource and overloading on their server, HostMonster run this blog around 10 month and they never complain *lol* how they can host my another bigger site… I request refund today he he he…

Costumer support are average, HostMonster and JustHost CS reply in average around 30 minutes. How about price? hmm.. After calculating it again… actually HostMonster are better in price but mostly people don’t know what the catch from cheap hosting. To much upgrade needed in JustHost and when you calculate it in total HostMonster cheaper than JustHost.

CPU Score : 7 JustHost – 9 HostMonster

Price Score : 7.5 JustHost – 8 HostMonster

Costumer Support : 8 JustHost – 8 HostMonster

The winner is HostMonster, try it yourself !!

If you only have small sites with low traffic JustHost actually the best options for now, using this coupon code when you order 50OFF you will get 50% discount in 2-3 years payment terms (around $2.95 or $2.50 monthly), remember only small websites can run on there if you’re have bigger sites go used hostmonster or hostgator (someday I will review this gator) if they can’t handle you then going for VPS/Dedicated, many VPS this day offer good service with low price, I wouldn’t tell you but I already know some he he.. Of course it’s cheap because it’s unmanaged but if you know to manage it then why not going for VPS!?!?

I’m sick of this days shared hosting restriction *lol*

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Hola, we’ll meet again 🙂 This time I will write short review about In-Text Advertising network compare. In-Text Advertising are good for website or blog with rich keyword content. I don’t mean pure text! combination with images also good in performance as long text are dominated. You don’t have to share a empty space like that f*ck*ng adsense *haha* your content is the money maker! more rich it more revenue for yours.

After a week testing performance of each network between kontera, infolinks and linkwords. Finally here is the final short reviews for the result, please don’t blame me if I give wrong review from your side this is just fan review no need to fight each other for this short review 😛

1. Kontera

Very low CPC and eCPM, loading very slow and almost amusing readers. I’m not recommended you to use kontera as it might make you loose your time and benefit but if you like them then no need to comply. About payment kontera pay via Paypal, I read some publisher from digitalpoint forum get banned once they near to payout.

2. Infolinks

I love this one that’s why I used them, Average CPC and eCPM, fast on loading with smart technology to choose almost many keywords that interest readers. More innovative on result like explanation words about the keywords, nice template design. Paid via paypal and bank transfer each month net 45 minimum is $100. I recommended infolinks to try.

3. Linkwords (AKA product)

I would compare this one with infolinks, they really have VERY HIGH CPC and eCPM in this industry. Last week I confused on choosing linkwords or infolinks. You know because they rate are good compared with infolinks. But…………… There is the bad thing I didn’t like: Template design = really noob , Loading = average slow, Keywords = not rich. Paid via paypal each month minimum $25. I recomended linkwords to try.

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Well, It’s not 30 day’s yet since I use HostMonster service, but I really love to write my review about them to let people know HostMonster are good web-hosting company. Let me compare HostMonster with other web-hosting service I already used.

  • HostMonster VS DreamHost

HostMonster are little better than DreamHost, In HostMonster everything can be managed very easily using cPanel. DreamHost not using cPanel and little hard for some newbie. Beside that, in factor price HostMonster are cheaper than DreamHost with unlimmited space and bandwith HostMonster win in here compared to DreamHost, Plus in HostMonster you have ability to change PHP configuration so every website type should be workin on HostMonster web-hosting.

Score! HostMonster VS DreamHost 9:7

  • ÂHostMonster VS CrayonHost

Well, It’s realy not fair when I compared HostMonster with CrayonHost. But, since I already used them so I will write everything I know in here without lie to all of you! Totally in every aspect HostMonster would not compared with CrayonHost.

Score! HostMonster VS CrayonHost 9:5

I really would like to write review HostMonster vs HostGator, Since I never used HostGator service so I can’t compared both of them he he he… poor me 😀 I don’t know about HostGator CS and web-hosting service they offer. Just for information I got some friend screaming to my ear HostGator have better UPTIME compared with HostMonster.

So, for you people wanna try HostMonster but afraid they are not good I recommended you to use them, you will satisfied I’ll give my word guarantee 😛


If you’re order now this “hot chick 😛 will give you superb discount! $5.95 per month for 24-36 month contract.

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