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Good day! I wishing everyone happy in this Christmas and Holiday season 😀


In this short articles I want to write my personal experiment review for WP super cache. Here is the story, In the past 6-9 months ago I’m using wp super cache just because my hosting recommended it. I run some websites on budget host and most host technician complaint about resources. Nothing special until I notice my revenue is not so great even my traffic great enough.

Two weeks ago I bought a new server just because my websites not fit anymore on budget host. I do setting and everything run properly until I notice something annoying. My traffic is greater but my revenue is to low. Why this is happen? I do some research and analyze the problem, Re-Setting server configuration to the maximum resources but there is no difference.

At the first time I was thinking: Maybe (just maybe) my traffic not coming from premium country so it may not so great in conversion and affect my revenue. But it was wrong! not completely wrong actually! I do deep analyze and found my UV and Impressions not counting correctly. After long investigation I found the problem is on cache. I believe many of you already know what is wp super cache, but for you don’t know what is it: wp super cache generate HTML files and serving those HTML to all visitors: real human traffic including search engine bot traffic.

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This is a short tips and trick for you to optimize your make money journey through inline text ad linkworth-linkwords. As I already written in the past there is 3 the best of inline text advertising. It wasÂlinkworth, infolinks, and kontera (sorted by higher revenue).

We already know linkworth pay higher than other networks but sometimes we don’t know what keywords will turned into inline text ads correct? Today I was login into my linkworth account and found something interesting on there 😀

If you want to optimize your revenue through linkworth-linkwords you have to write some keywords they listed on their linkworth-keywords list. That’s usually the keywords will converted into inline text ads. I believe now you understand what I mean with this article title optimize. When you have more ad impression mean you will get more possibilities ad to get clicked when your visitors interest on it.

Where those dang keyword list?


Login into your linkworth account, next click on my products, next click on linkwords, next click on keywords. An paid keyword list will be listed on there!

The keyword is listed alphabetically so you can easily found what keywords will match your site content. Example: your site topic is about money, you will have more keywords about money, make money, earn money, get money, free money, money money, bad money, good money, etc, etc. This keyword will turned into inline text ads and your visitors might interesting on it.

The last thing, Right now linkworth-linkwords offer more inline text ad style to fit your site design. I already looking at that new style but none interesting me *lol* but at least… now we have more style for inline text ad from linkworth-linkwords.

Interesting? want to joined through my affiliate links? click here! if you mind to become my referrals go to directly.

Done for today, have a nice day everyone 😀


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Hi all, Sorry for not blogging over a month on this blog, I’ve been busy and sometimes really lazy to write hehehe. Now I’m back and ready for blogging again 😀 this time we will learn possibilities to earn maximum revenue from Lijit. Make money with Lijit is very easy, the hard way is when you try to joined their Ad network.

Mostly all my blog/website used “Bahasa Indonesia” language has been declined, they also declined this blog with same reason, Non-English language (maybe they want primary language English, I asking for my Indonesian visitors please, if you want to asking using Bahasa Indonesia visit my Bahasa Indonesia blog on Anyway I already have another account with them and get some website approved.

There is 2 way you can follow to generate revenue from Lijit. First by put their Wijits search, when someone searching on your site/blog ads will appear, when searcher interesting on that ads then click it, you make money 🙂 Second method is using traditional ad format. In wijit they only offer 5 ad dimensions. This ad earning are combination of CPC and CPM if you have a good traffic site/blog Lijit should make a good money for you. Take a look on this sample earnings I got from my friend.

You can see on that pictures with impression around 6k without ANY click lijit give share around $4 if there any click on this stats I think it will be higher. I never seen any ad network giving CPM earning higher than this (with clean ad), this rate superb! even google adsense has nothing to this result if you compared with this CPM rate.


I know you’re interesting! don’t be shy.. let’s get started:

  1. Register on Lijit Website.
  2. Once you registered, add your blog/website.
  3. Click on “Wijits” tab.
  4. If you just want to generate revenue using search, just configure your search box and then put this code on your website/blog.
  5. If you want to generate revenue basis on CPC and CPM click on “Ad Wijit” (You have to wait until Lijit give notification they accept you or not).
  6. Register on Ad wijit and then waiting for result, once you get approved you can start choose ad dimension and then put the code on your website/blog.
  7. Sit back and relax, Analise your performance, Enjoy your money 😀

Good luck 😀


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Make Money Online, Online Business

Mobile advertising looks like will bring more attention for ads network, We all know every people normally should have one cellphone in their home. If people around the world total is 1 billion then ads should appears more than 1 billion daily. AdMob can reach this target for advertiser to promote their product. Mobile application developer and publisher can earn money through this system.


For App developer, Try to make games or something that will take people attention. If you fail to sell your app directly just monetize it using AdMob, it’s looks like simple and promising. Each day people bored with their current job and looking for any games they can play in their cellphone… if you monetize your App with AdMob it will generated unlimited revenue for yourself/your company.


For publisher, Bring good content and news will help people get any information they looking for. In other side you can monetize this mobile web using AdMob, It’s works almost same with normal internet publisher. If you bring good content and news people will coming back to read on your mobile web, at that time ads will appear and you will generated unlimited revenue for yourself/your company.

Is there any fees to join? It’s free! no need to pay. All you need is just mobile web or mobile application to generate revenue. The good news AdMob looks like already acquire by google, this is good sign a trusted company behind AdMob, there will be no scam on AdMob.

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No joke for today, many webmaster are looking the way how to monetize their traffic into maximum revenue. Many of them false or give up even “battle not begin yet” In this short article I will tell you based on my real experience *NOT* in clearly details but only in big major how to do this.

We all know advertising business based on 2 core factor, Advertiser and Publisher. If one of this factor not working the advertising business = DEAD. Basically advertiser looking the way to promote/sale their product, in other side publisher looking the way to monetize their traffic.

So basically advertising business is win-win solution, on publisher side sometimes webmaster didn’t know how to analize their traffic for maximum potential revenue. This is why keyword collection and analize is needed to targetting people interest.

Google adsense? NO this one is not the best if you know them in details, it just small stupid robot that analyze your webpage keyword without looking on real content on there. I try to recommended people looking on chitika network, chitika ads will not showing if the visitor not coming from search engine. BADLY if your visitors coming from bookmark/direct visit they will not ever seen this ads again, your revenue will going DOWN.

So, read this words carefully I will not ever explain it again for second times. Collect and analyze your visitor keywords, looking for some good advertising network out there, take their ads you needed only based on your keyword analyzed, created script that will showing to people based on keyword or their interest.

Take a look on this simple chart I made:


With this technique your CTR will raise UP, but wait….. some advertising network out there don’t like when you have HIGH CTR. you know….. something like….. f*ckin google adsense will banned you if your CTR more than 20% all of this about money and share, Jerk…. leave them and looking for better advertising network. Actually this way will also help advertiser reaching their target, with ads targeted based on keyword product similar with keyword will take more interest for visitor probability to buy product from that ads is 70% positive.

That’s the simple explanation how wo maximize your potential traffic revenue. If you have question, suggestion, or anything you can email me I will responce back when I can.

Have a good day everyone, good luck 🙂

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