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Good day, This is my latest software creation but it was freedom limitless because it has to be designed following people wants (not my freedom of creation). In a short paragraph this software was designed to monitor machine production on every machine (global), auto resurrect HIM-self (database repair) calculating percentage, do logical match, etc. The story started 5 month ago, in my office there is similar software for production counter but it was really bad in design and always have problem. I was be responsible to fix this problem and re-created a new better software. Design and function took me 2 month to completed it. But to stabilize it I need 3 month+ to learn what any variable make this program unstable. After reviewing any variable I was found the main basic problem is in infrastructure, it was electrical problem because it’s not running in isolated network.

Diagram structure for panel and networking:



I give this project name “ENIAC” with “UNIVAC-X” as him webs. Each univac-x data will be sent to eniac database and global processing on eniac. Each panel have their own brain so if there is one panel error then data for tha panel will not be accurate. Each panel have logic and I have full control of this logic via internet (mean I can shut it down anytime I want he he he..)



Here are some features this program have, actually there is some vital point I hide in here to prevent copying :

1. Real time monitoring via desktop and web.



Users can view real time production and percentage calculation via desktop program and web. The problem is some data need manual input and we can’t find more people to work on it to reach at least 99% accuracy.

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I’m already used webhostingworld around 6+ month already, Today I decide to write an short review for them and compared them with hostmonster. Did you confused to get hosting with a less limitation? I mean limitation on content, example hosted site with content a***t or mp3 files. Well.. if you do then you’re will be happy after reading this short review.

Webhostingworld allowed a***t hosting (all plan) and mp3 files hosting (for gold plan only) this is their plus score, server performance did not really fast I think it run based on “quality by price“. Another good score for webhostingworld is their great support team, mostly my hosting problem with them solved in no more than 20 minutes! I’m not lie… even in some condition they reply my complaint in 5 minutes and solved the problem 🙂

Compared HostMonster VS WebHostingWorld

  1. Price and limitation, I think it almost same between both of this host company, just a little bit difference on marketing. Depend on what we’re looking for… hostmonster almost can guarantee we will not face problem with them because they have limiter per account. In webhostingworld this feature is not available, we may face problem in the future if we used to much resource. Hostmonster not allowed to host a***t or mp3 files on their server, webhostingworld allowed it. In score I would give 9 for hostmonster and 8 for webhostingworld.
  2. Server stability and uptime. Hostmonster still winner in here mostly my site hosted on hostmonster never down except there is problem/maintenance. In webhostingworld downtime is not to much but sure it sometimes 1 times in a week (it make me crazy, you know each minute we can generate money so time is priceless). In score I would give 9 for hostmonster and 7 webhostingworld.
  3. Costumer support (CS). No doubt! webhostingworld have the best support team ever (based on my experience) they mostly friendly and understand what the problem we faced, mostly my problem solved in no more than 20 minutes. Well, hostmonster costumer support not really bad but sometimes they “little rude” the time for solving problem also a little slowly mostly the case solved in around 30-40 minutes. In score I would give 8 for hostmonster and 10 for webhostingworld.
  4. Affiliate program, both are great. 10 for hostmonster and 9 for webhostingworld.

This is just my short review based on my experience with them, if you disagree with me please don’t blame me. Have a nice day everyone 😀

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Do you have any wallpaper site or photos site which get lot of traffic but there is no conversion? I know you might get frustrated to solve this problem. The problem is usually image search traffic from google search engine will bring visitors on a frame, this frame should have to be removed to get full page attention.

Using this trick it should can break any frames coming to your website. The risk behind this code already known and confirmed by some webmaster. This code can bring down your your SERP in time, also your site might got penalties. The good side, people already try using this code get more accurate data from analystic.

<script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/javascript”>

if (top.location != self.location) top.location = self.location;


Put this code in your page code it should works like magic removing frames, usually people will put it on header files. Please note, I’m NOT recommended you to use this code because you already know the risk of using this code. If you still using this code that mean you’re using it at your own risk.

Have a good day 😀

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Well, This is my short review again. This time I will review DMEHosting, First month it was run smoothly until I decide to moving all my sites into DMEHosting, the problem coming next month after I pay my billing for 3 months (usually I billed per month to make sure they give me the best service as they promise in their promotion). DMEHosting started complaint to me ,they say I used to much CPU resource on their budget VPS (this package sucks) and I decide to change apache into lighttpd. Neither the problem was not done yet they keep contact me and said I used to much resource I contact them back and asking to them are this VPS not isolated to affected their other client.

Their answer is really make me recommended to all of you to don’t ever try to use DMEHosting service. How can this VPS not isolated to other? this mean it’s not VPS but only shared. I complain back and they sorry for can’t isolated my account to affect the other. This is maybe the stupid company ever I faced, how they can claim it was VPS if it not isolated, True?

I know this might only their billing strategy to make me upgrade my package, and right they offer me cheap dedicated server but I’m really not interesting. Why? All of my sites only a small sites and not grown really bigger so I’m not really need this dedicated server, hostmonster can handle all my sites and sure I recommended to all of you to used hostmonster. I decide to leave DMEHosting and let people know my experience with them.

This problem make me lost traffic. This all you must know don’t ever have downtime for your website/blog or you will lose traffic and maybe index. This happen to me but I hope it will fixed soon because my sites are back and running again if not I will contact google. Take a look on this traffic data from one fo my site’s…


You can see in this data I lost around 60-70% traffic affected by this downtime from DMEHosting (around 12 hours) This issue should be and option for you before you choose an hosting company go for hostmonster/hostgator I guarantee you will sattisfied with their hosting service, other? try at your own risk!

Have a good day everyone 🙂

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Choosing your web server programs might needed when you need to use maximum resource on your server. This happen to me around 2-4 days ago when there is contact from abuse department hosting about my vps reached it’s maximum specification. I frustrated because they gonna kick me out or they might charge me more if I can’t lower usage resource. After looking at the problem I was found out there is someone using (maybe bug) to use my server as spam email, I deleted that email account, the spam gone and memory going down a little, but the vps resource usage keep high and started annoyed me.

After looking more deeply at the problem this is actually caused by apache webserver, it’s takes to much memory resource and once people remote it I used to many resource, BAM! all my sites down. Thanks god finally I found the solution for this problem. I convert my Apache into Lighttpd to lower the memory usage, you bet… it working like a flash! 😀

It’s very simple to convert from Apache to Lighttpd you can done it in just minutes just follow the installation document, the problem you guy’s will faced is only one, rewrite rules because it totally different with apache. This is might be the hardest part of this installation but once you pass it you will love lighttpd more than apache! don’t you? look at this images you will love it!


What you need to know about lighttpd rewrite rules? it’s simple look at this:

url.rewrite-once = ( “<regex>” => “<relative-uri>” )


url.rewrite-repeat = ( “<regex>” => “<relative-uri>” )

Just write this rules on your configuration files, for more clearly documentation you can read it from here. Lighttpd standard configuration are faster than apache (already test it), anyway if you like to tune up/optimize it for better result you can look the documentation in here. Just follow it, I didn’t try it yet because I like the standard configuration but maybe next time when needed.

Good Score:

  • Faster.
  • Clean.
  • Low resource consumption.

Bad Score:

  • Hard to follow rewrite rules.
  • To much manual configuration.

I’m not try google sitemap generator beta yet, but I’m sure will be there no problem at all. Go try lighttpd if you want to make your website/blog faster. Have a nice day 🙂

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