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Hello Everyone, I’m back again ho ho ho 😛

This time I will write tutorial on “how to make random ads” using php and text as database. This idea comes from gmail interface my lovely free mail account! pfffftt yea .. yea.. we all know gmail are better than ymail *lol* 😛gmail


Alright leave them fight alone *not our business* before we start to make random ads we have to understand why we should make random ads? if we can fill those ads space with permanent ads. Most of people are bored about ads and ads on all website. Dilemma! in webmaster side we have to earn some revenue to keep continue, in costumer side sometimes they hate if we push to many ads on web page.

So? why not making random ads on your ads space some paid ads and some free ads you can use to help your costumer for what they looking for.Â? Simple as 1-2-3Â? now open your superb text editor NOTEPAD and copy this code:

$fcontents = join (“”, file (“random_ads.txt“));
$s_con = split(“~”,$fcontents);
$banner_no = rand(0,(count($s_con)-1));
echo $s_con[$banner_no];

Save it as random.php or whatever you like (remember to give .php extension) Now creating random_ads.txt files (for database) and put a sample code on there:

<center>I’m center!</center>
<b>I’m bold!!! for freeeeeeeeeeeee</b>
I’m adsense ads
I’m short news!
I’m paid ads!!! hooray!

You can write html code or php code on database file if you’re creative you can put images/flash on it. Now put this both files on same directory on your hosting and embed it using include command into your website page.

Refresh your page to see ads rotated or you can use auto refresh meta

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”180“>

180 value are in milliseconds you can change it to fit your need.

See what you have now 😀

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Yay! I will catch this guy very soon! 😀

After talking with some of friends and using google search engine finally I discover real data behind “guy” using Steve George and Keyur Naik name here is scam information:

IndoVCC Inc.
Ray Surya ([email protected])
Jl. Magelang Km. 5 No. 8
Tel. +062.87874876902

This guy have website on sale VCC to scam people and he’s buy all those VCC from me also scam me too. After look on he’s email I do whois also on and found this information:

owner-organization: Rapid Consulting & Services
owner-fname: Hermawan
owner-lname: Sutanto
owner-street: Manyar Jaya Raya B230A
owner-city: Surabaya
owner-zip: 60118
owner-country: ID
owner-phone: 62315920641
owner-fax: 62315996292
owner-email: [email protected]

You might interesting how I discover this anonymous guy 😀 after talking with my friends palupi.dewi she’s curious on “Indonesian Guy” sale cheap VCC and Paypal balance on the thread complete URL in here:

I was looking on that thread and found there is Steven George and Keyur Naik name on that thread! Yay! finally! I discover him I know him address, name, phone and Bank Account here is he Bank Account:

==================== BCA =====================
Account Holder / Nama Pemilik Rekening: Budi Hartono
Account Number / No. Rekening: 1260402834
Account Type / Jenis Akun: Saving
Bank / Nama Bank: BCA
Branch Name / Nama Cabang: Sudirman – Yogyakarta
Branch Code / Kode Kliring: 0140126

==================== Mandiri ====================
Account Holder / Nama Pemilik Rekening: Budi Hartono
Account Number / No. Rekening: 1370005789439
Account Type / Jenis Akun: Tabungan
Bank / Nama Bank: Mandiri
Branch Name / Nama Cabang: Ahmad Dahlan – Yogyakarta
Branch Code / Kode Kliring: 0086079

==================== NIAGA ====================
Account Holder / Nama Pemilik Rekening: Budi Hartono
Account Number / No. Rekening: 0190177127122
Account Type / Jenis Akun: Tabungan
Bank / Nama Bank: NIAGA
Branch Name / Nama Cabang: NIAGA CENTER – Yogyakarta
Branch Code / Kode Kliring: 0220190

Now I already contact local police in here and giving this information so this guy would be sent to jail!! now all clear! Paypal has nothing wrong with this problem! all the answer for this case is hacker hack paypal website! that’s all!


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Google adsense for search has been improved! for better result. Explanation about how it works basically just like code for search box and code for result box. By default minimum width for result box is 800 pixel so if you want to make result box fit in your website/blog you should have bigger frame area more than 800 pixel. Explanation about the result box is working like a frame.

It’s more better in search result because we can show the search result within our site page so we don’t loose more any visitor, when it open in new window or open in same window we lost our navigation site, The new version looks more professional and not annoyed anyone, useful! efficient! How to implemented it in your website/blog? Very simple if you familiar with html/php coding. Read More »

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Well, I just have done optimize SEO for one of my website using 4images gallery system it’s on basically I play with meta title, keywords, and description. And now I’m using URL rewrite. URL look cool and more search engine friendly I believe after a week or month it will indexed in lot of search engine 😀

Here is the way for you’re to using URL rewrite on 4images to make it more search engine friendly REMEMBER this will eat CPU resources. (before you doing this I recommended to backup your files first). Any alternative you can learn about URL rewrite yourself to make it works as you want (google is the best teacher).

1. You need to make .htaccess file and put this code on it

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^lightbox\.html$ lightbox.php?%{QUERY_STRING}
RewriteRule ^lightbox\.([0-9]+)\.html$ lightbox.php?page=$1&%{QUERY_STRING}
RewriteRule ^search\.html$ search.php?%{QUERY_STRING}
RewriteRule ^search\.([0-9]+)\.html$ search.php?page=$1&%{QUERY_STRING}
RewriteRule ^postcard([a-zA-Z0-9]+)\.html$ postcards.php?postcard_id=$1&%{QUERY_STRING}
RewriteRule ^postcard\.img([0-9]+)\.html$ postcards.php?image_id=$1&%{QUERY_STRING}
RewriteRule ^k_(.*)_([0-9]+).html categories.php?cat_id=$2&%{QUERY_STRING}
RewriteRule ^r_(.*)_([0-9]+).html details.php?image_id=$2&%{QUERY_STRING}
RewriteRule ^r([0-9]+).search.html details.php?image_id=$1&%{QUERY_STRING}

2. Open /include/sessions.php before the last line add this code

* Get the category url
* @param int $cat_id The id of the category
* @param string $cat_url The current status of the URL
function get_category_url($cat_id,$cat_url = ”)
global $site_db;
$sql = “SELECT cat_name,cat_parent_id FROM “.CATEGORIES_TABLE.” WHERE cat_id = ‘”.$cat_id.”‘”;
$result = $site_db->query($sql);
$row = $site_db->fetch_array($result);
$row[‘cat_name’] = strtr($row[‘cat_name’], “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ”,”eeeaeauoiaabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”);
$cat_url = ‘_’.str_replace(‘+’,’_’,urlencode($row[‘cat_name’])).’_’.$cat_id.$cat_url;
// if you want full path of category in url, put next line in comment
return $cat_url;
if( $row[‘cat_parent_id’] != 0)
return get_category_url($row[‘cat_parent_id’],$cat_url);
return $cat_url;
* Get the image url
* @param int $image_id The id of the image
function get_image_url($image_id)
global $site_db;
$sql = “SELECT cat_id,image_name FROM “.IMAGES_TABLE.” WHERE image_id = ‘”.$image_id.”‘”;
$result = $site_db->query($sql);
$row = $site_db->fetch_array($result);
$row[‘image_name’] = strtr($row[‘image_name’], “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ”,”eeeaeauoiaabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”);
// if you want comlpete path to image in url, remove comment from following line
//return get_category_url($row[‘cat_id’]).’-‘.str_replace(‘+’,’-‘,urlencode($row[‘image_name’])).’-‘.$image_id;
return ‘_’.str_replace(‘+’,’_’,urlencode($row[‘image_name’])).’_’.$image_id;
Read More »

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GOOD SEO = Unstoppable Traffic = Money

This one I forgot for almost a month to optimize my site traffic performance. Meta Title, Keywords, and Description should be optimized to get maximum indexed by search engine. Play it with simple code modification, If you have dynamic site this can be done in easy by just change some parameters to optimize all that meta.

Example: Said you have a gaming site, By default all headers only optimized by fixed meta title, keyword, and description. I recommended you to change that fixed meta with dynamic meta.

How? Simple! give it at least game title on your page title it should optimized SEO if you familiar with php or html this can be done very easy. Play also with keywords and description make it more optimized by keyword search.

The last thing for SEO today is almost lot of search engine love to indexed “.html” more than indexed “.php?id=” If you’re running php site this can be fixed by mod rewrite. Sorry I can’t tell you totally 100% how you can change that “.php?id=” to become “.html” I just prefer you to search it on google on how you can make it, This way is recommended for you if you like to optimize your SEO.

This might not become a big attention for some webmaster but if you know how it works why you’re not try it. I’ll guarantee you will get more traffic after you optimized this meta.

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