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Thinkingâ€Planning? It’s not to late.. my target for 2008, I have some idea to make more blogs in different category and monetize it using paid to review, two social networking site, and might one youtube clone.

After researching for a weeks I’m really thinking the real benefit to make social networking site as my first target which it can be grown faster and bigger than other type content. I was looking on some website who’s sold they script similar with myspace or facebook site, this one might be my choice the demo have a problem in different browser but I think it can be fixed easily.

For youtube, the clone script is very cheap it just $10, and also there is hosting company can host it with cheap prize… world is wonderfull , perfect 🙂 now what? ha ha ha.. I was asking my dad for give me funds for this plan *LOL* with $5k I hope it’s enough for first 1 years to pay the bill for all this plan.

Google Adsense will be my primary network to monetize all those plan beside other ads networks, hope this year will be my JUMPING years. I’m sick with money problem, I want to free from it! wish me luck.

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Online Business

Wonderful, and greatest performance from paypal in last 3 years. After I write critique in my old blog around 6 months ago talking about paypal really sucks on service now I think I should rewrite another opinion about paypal.

Of course this is really GOOD NEWS for all Indonesian people, my country has been released from blacklist and I hope it will continue reopen until paypal giving full service for my country and I hope all country around the world, Right now not even 3% from my country people know about paypal and use them service. This is because having internet connection in here to much costly and it need penetration sponsored by TELKOM

In 2010 will be around 67% Indonesian people using Internet and this day is good starts if you want to be in the TOP list (about pyramid scheme), So back to the topic how to withdrawn paypal to local bank on Indonesia?

It’s easy to withdrawn your money but to complete the form you have to follow this step:

There is fee you should know, if you withdrawn money less than Rp 1.499.999,99 (around $160) the fees is Rp 16.000,00 (around $1,6) if more then all those service are FREE

Before withdrawn your money the hardest form is bank code, This is NOT swift code again this is not swift code! after talking with some of friend the bank code is 3 digit of your bank code + 4 digit of your local bank code

You have to know more information from your local bank I have some list bank code in here if you’re not sure or your bank not listed in here better asking them for verification.

Bank code Indonesia

Bank code Indonesia

You have to put your 3 digit of your bank code and 4 digit from local bank code (better you contact your bank to make sure) of for BCA costumer you can check it instantly from here. Let say example my bank is bank Harda and my 4 digit local bank code is 1234, so i write information in the form 125+1234 = 1251234

That’s all and you should waiting until that money arise into your bank account.

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Make Money Online

The answer for the question title is everything possible. Owwh… come on people.. I’m not joking this time, we can get rich just from paid to click sites who’s usually give us payback around $0.01 to $0.10 per click.

How we can get rich by cents, the answer is the more cent it will become dollar. Basically the pyramid scheme always make man in the top as the money artist.

Pyramid Scheme

Almost all paid to click sites use this pyramid scheme BUT the question “is it easy to get referrals?” NO! it’s not easy, You should have marketing skill to get referrals. The easiest way to get it by refer your friends. And next questions will be … how much your friends will joined you as your referrals? how much your friend available? bla bla bla..

So now you have the key, the answer now will you use that key? heh! how much money you can spend to buy referrals? =p

There is website can help you to get referrals but you should pay for it. Sample on it… BUYREFS and there is many other similar website that you can used to buy referrals. Now your last job is calculate is it profitable or unprofitable.

Take a look on this illustration earnings images
Bux.to stats
Note: This is just Illustration, not my real stats =p

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Computer And Internet

Your mIRC client sending spam messages without your permission? STOP IT!Spam Cartoon

This day spam used as business for some bad people on internet they called the dark side of internet. Spam is business? how can I say that…

Spam was targeting on some newbie, the reason behind it simple just for MONEY or VIRUS SPREADING we should fight back and stop this spam.

My Topic this time is the remover for the most mIRC client spam, it’s free no need to pay!

Spam remover

Guide how to use it:

  • After you download it you should put it in the root of your IRC client folder. Example: Your path to IRC client is on c:\program files\mIRC put that files on there.
  • Once the files on there it should be loaded by typing //!load -rsn spamrem.zvk
  • Once you typed the above command, a confirmation dialog will pop-up, click on YES or ACCEPT or CONTINUE.
  • The script will execute itself. Then, it will detect, remove, and disinfect any (common) traces that the spam infection left in your mIRC Client.

Now your mIRC client is clean from auto spam messages.

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Good Night everyone, In this short articles I will write my strategy to making easy money from native android application. As we know android is now used by 85% smartphone population (I don’t know from where this data coming from LOL). That mean we can targeting people interest using android application. There is many 3rd tools out there we can used to create android application some are free and some are paid license. The key to get the most people attention is your application content, not the tools you’ve used to built your application. We will not talking about how to make android application but the strategy to get the maximum revenue from android cake *yuuuuuuuumm*


Next step is find the best mobile ad network. Mostly, every mobile ad network will pay average CPM (cost per thousand impression) for $0.01 some maybe more.. If in this world there is smartphone then we can calculate our potential revenue. Says 85%* = 850.000.000 take bad percentage 1% from 850.000.000 then we got 1%*850.000.000 = 8.500.000 if an average CPM is $0.01 then our potential from 1% android users are $85.000,0 per views, goddammit!

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