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I got this information when I doing blog walking to my friends blog, Paypal promote their self to country around ASIA. I got information from some source that Paypal will get some big competitor, said AMEX , etc. That’s maybe the valid reason they promote and giving free gift to people around ASIA. This free gift only valid to specific country: India, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore. If you out from this country then sorry you can’t join this offer.


How to get $100 free from paypal? follow this step:

  1. You should have facebook account. If you don’t have created one or you can’t join this offer.
  2. Entering Paypal Wishlist page.
  3. Enter your email paypal verified account, you can’t join this offer if you don’t have paypal verified account. Problem with credit cards or debit cards? get virtual credit card from my store!
  4. Created your wishlist item, You can share it with your friends.
  5. Invite some friends then sit back and relax.

That’s it just follow all step, but before you joined please read this Terms and Condition first:

  1. You should have registered on paypal wishlist program in date around 16 November 2009 – 31 December 2009.
  2. Created new paypal account or using existing account (should a verified account!)
  3. At least 18 years old and resident in this country: India, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore.
  4. You paypal account must be in good standing, not in suspend or unverified.
  5. Created paypal wishlist and promote it.

This free $100 is maximum, It’s mean you can’t go higher than $100 per account. This $100 will be paid to your paypal account around 28 February 2010. You should login into your paypal account in february 2010 to eligible for this free $100.

Good luck, have a nice day 😀

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Sad, But this is reality we faced now in here. Once again someone cheating me, Indonesian people again!ÂKASKUSÂcase again! I’m Lucky can trace this young one fast and easy.

irfan sidoarjo aries net penipu
irfan sidoarjo aries net penipu

*Click for big Photos

This is the cheater posed in camera withÂmoneyÂfrom people he scammed. Fool!! this boy doesn’t know with who he faced right now *ME OF COURSE! LOL* 😛

The chronologist:

I reading advertisement about reseller hosting aroundÂ2 month ago, This one sold really cheap and I’m interesting, poor me I buy this fake product. Day’s rolling this person looks like not really professional in server management at that time I was thinking if they will gonna scam.

Yes and it happen on month 3 they stop support and not manage server. This fool try to hiding from me *lol*Âhe can’t run or hiding from me I got this information from some peopleÂand google search engine this informationÂvalidated by myself it’s totally accurate 100%.

NAME: Sonny Aries aka Irfan
PHONE: +62-31-8067351



I have contact him and he promised to refund total my money or of courseÂhe will ended in jailÂ(right now it’sÂrefunded 40%) For people who read this post please stay away from any trade/transaction onÂKASKUS website this site has BAD management and they can’t stop cheater on there. I’m lucky because can get my money back but I think lot of people can’t get theirs back!

WARNING: this guy also sell cheap fraud rapidshare account so stay away…Âbe a pro money maker don’t be a cheater 🙂

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Hi everyone, Sorry for not active on this blog for around a weeks I have another project on hostmambo.info (My Hosting and Domain Business) that should have complete first then I can write on this blog again.

This time I will Writing article about how to withdrawn your paypal funds to your local bank account (Indonesian Only) First Login into your paypal Account, Then click profile, Choose “Add or Edit Bank Account


You will seen form like this:


Choose your country, Write your First name and Last name (should same 100% with your local bank account holder name!), Write your Bank Name, Fill Bank code with your bank “Kliring Code” I have write some on HERE If you can’t find your bank then call your bank and asking their kliring code or waiting me for update it. I have big database on it… I can’t write it all in short time so be patient 😛 Last write your Bank account number then click continue.

It’s Done, Now you can test withdraw some little funds to make sure it works if it fails paypal will charge you a little funds.

Have good day Everyone! 😀

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Started fromÂtoday when I write this articleÂofficially memkominfo has declared ultimatum to blocked access into youtube and any blog or website has fitna MovieÂcontent on it.

Mohammad Nuh

This letter of ultimatum has been sent to 146 ISP (Internet Service Provider) and 30 NAP (Network Access Provider) on Indonesia, It’s strange because I can still access youtube site.ÂAlso I’m disagree with blocking access to youtube site because fitna movie. Actually I hate that movieÂfrom my personal view that movieÂcan make war because provocating Muslim and Christian, Read More »

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Surat Terbuka: Ajakan Dialog Terbuka Dengan Sdr. Roy Suryo

Dari situs riyogarta.com

Kepada Yth. Sdr. Roy Suryo
Perihal: Ajakan Dialog Terbuka Mengenai Perkembangan dan Isu Blogger Indonesia.


Banyaknya aspirasi para blogger yang tertuang dalam blognya masing-masing mengenai ketidaksetujuan atas komentar-komentar Sdr. Roy Suryo di media massa yang cenderung selalu memojokkan blogger.


Perlunya tindakan untuk meluruskan informasi-informasi yang diberikan Sdr. Roy Suryo kepada media massa, khususnya mengenai pandangan negatif Sdr. Roy Suryo kepada blogger.

Memutuskan & Menetapkan

Perlu dilakukannya dialog terbuka dengan Sdr. Roy Suryo mengenai isu-isu yang berkembang saat ini, khususnya isu-isu yang selalu menyudutkan blogger serta informasi-informasi lain yang secara umum cenderung membodohi masyarakat.

Saya mengajak kepada Sdr. Roy Suryo, untuk melakukan dialog terbuka dengan semangat sportifitas untuk saling menerima masukan guna kemajuan perkembangan teknologi informasi Indonesia khususnya perkembangan blogger di Indonesia.

Saya yakin Sdr. Roy Suryo sebagai orang yang sudah diakui pakar dalam bidang Teknologi Informasi bisa meluangkan waktu dan tempat untuk menerima ajakan dialog terbuka ini.


Saya yakin Sdr. Roy Suryo tidak akan mengatakan “tidak tahu†mengenai adanya ajakan dialog terbuka ini. Ajakan dialog terbuka saya posting melalui blog dan insya Allah akan tersebar Read More »

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