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I know it’s hard to choose which ads network really fit our need on earnings and stability, at least today I positive have choose bidvertiser as my second ads network after my primary ads network google adsense.

Why I choose bidvertiser? The reason is very simple. I like their payment options and highest bid which I can choose to served on my ads page. Why not adtoll or adbrite? Adtoll pay to low! beside that, Adtoll not always show ads on their network *we loose* How about adbrite? adbrite are good actually but hate their system “waiting for ads” yesterday I was complaining about bidvertiser and adbrite. After thinking for future plan finally I positive choose bidvertiser.

In bidvertiser everything is on totally in my control I can choose to approve or declined ads after review their target (country and people) and bid per click. I love this feature.. and they lovely paypal payment 15 each month 😀

Would you serve ads but not get share for just a little cents Well I don’t! I have to pay hosting fees each month, I have to work at least 6 hours a day to update my site and got nothing? NO WAY! freedom is yours people! use your brain and choose which one the best fit for yourself.

Good Luck 😀

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Well, I read this issue from cosaaranda blog, Cosa said on his blog started from March to September Adsense are in bad performance… umm.. I’m not sure but maybe cosa right. My Adsense earnings on march down around 20% from last month earnings but hey It’s not to much difference or maybe cosa just want to make HOT issue on his blog?

Cosa is old Adsense player, he might have more more more experience if compared with me but for this one I’m little bit not agree with him. The key is only traffic and keyword to keep earn money daily from Adsense! So…. if this issue right what you will do? Read More »

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If you’re adsense publisher you might already know about new issues on adsense login. It’s make me frustrated.. why? I have 2 google account first is***[email protected] I used it as primary email based and another one istanto***********[email protected] I used it only for adsense.

Since new changes happen (around 2-3 day’s ago) I’m started confused about it. Every time I login into my gmail account then I want to check my adsense account I always get error messages “This account blablabla” I know it might the best google can do to help we manage everything fast and easy using only one google account but it’s make me really frustrated he he he.. I have to rewrite login and password again and again ARghhhhh!!

I was searching on google and not found any article, link, review, or words can help me to solve this problem. I hope google can changes my adsense login account so I don’t need to rewrite login and password again and again!

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Ops…. my prize for this month coming from google adsense on saturday 15:00 AM local time in here. I’m waiting this package for 5 days until it delivered into my home..

My lovely check from google adsense, which I’m planning to cashing it on BRI or NIAGA since there is no CityBank available in my city T_T.. my dreams google adsense using another payment options like paypal or something that we can cash it fast and cost low fees… This day only some country supported using western union but why Indonesia still can’t using it.. I hope google spread that payment options as soon as possible.. it takes to long for cashing check and the fees sometimes eat to much from profit :-p

That’s very true on what people say.. first $100 from google adsense is the hardest way for any new publisher to reach it, after that everything come fast fast fast and grown really fast OMG we can’t control earnings grown like a HELL until we can buy Dell tonight together with sparta!

Sparta Buy DELL

Eh… ? am I looks like same with those guy? NO WAY! me so cute!!

Fake Sparta!

He he.. So.. I open the package and voila that is my money for a month works and researching new trends in online business. I have planning to build 10 more new website to maximize my online earnings not from adsense only I try to target on.. (sorry) A***t Industry :-p

End of story(today) :-p

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Short Reviews

Big green from google adsense, Some of you might already know this or maybe not already know about this, Started on January 2008 google adsense for referrals product will no longer supported on some country including my country, Indonesia.


This is the green alert I got when I checked my adsense account, I know your question WHY google stop this referrals product in some country. I just go to Adsense blogs and read on there…

If you’re outside of North America, Latin America, and Japan, AdSense referrals will be retired.

WHoaaaaaa….. stop screaming! =p this is not the end of day he he… google has bring good movement since the referrals is not GOOD on performance they dreaming before, This is not THE END we still can show and earn with adsense referrals product, BUT not for referring another webmaster to joined adsense (this is the biggest and easiest earning when we can get bonus $2.000,00 easily =p) so if you’re live in outside those 3 country stop dreaming about get bonus from adsense again.

But, hey! it is not fair?
No need to worry friends! I was looking on the earnings reports and found google pay more to us using their content and search product. I hope this is compensation for everyone who’s live outside that 3 country.

fair play and good targeting congratulation for adsense =p

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