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stop spam

Can you guys stop spam my blog?! Please leave useful comment only do not link to other/p**n site which have totally different content as my topic! if you’re looking for backlink I’m not giving free service in here. Try spamming in other site not in here!!

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Having video site? need to monetize it without using other format but your content format! with InVideo this can be possible.

InVideo is AdBrite product beside that BritePic, This system can be used to monetized all your video site content. I was looking on the way to generated new InVideo code without need to add video again and again but I got no luck and still learn on it. Read More »

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Online Business

paypal_debit_card.JPGPaypal Debit Card, I like this card looks. Simple and useful to get instant control cash in your paypal account. Bored to waiting cash withdrawn to your bank account? I already try withdraw some money to my bank account, It’s success but takes to much time. More BIG money we withdrawn more fast the process but when we withdrawn just a little it’s takes 1 week for waiting, it’s really slow.

With paypal debit cards we can withdrawn our money from any ATM worldwide who’s have mastercard logo on it. Like it? You can apply it by login to your paypal account and start to apply it. Anyway only premier and business account can apply it. If you’re still on personal account you can upgrade it for FREE, But remember there is different fees between personal account and premier/business account.

With this card you can also purchase any item in online eStore, you will got 100% protection against unauthorized charges to your card. Earn 1% cashback for any purchase.

Is there a withdrawal or spending limit using the PayPal Debit Card?
The default spending limits for the PayPal Debit Card are:
Daily spending limit is $3,000.00 USD.
Daily ATM Limit: $400.00 USD.

How long does it take to get the PayPal Debit Card once your application is approved? It usually takes 2รขโ‚ฌโ€œ4 weeks to receive your PayPal Debit Card in the mail.

Learn more about it on paypal website.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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Make Money Online, Short Reviews

WOW, This website service offer really make me interesting. There is comment in my blogs writing about they affiliates programs that will pay $1 per referrals sign up. I just look on there checking service they offer also look on their contact pages It’s look like they are legitimate.

Do you have blogs in free blogger account? I have around 6 and it all hosted by blogger.com hyperwebenable will convert your old blog to complete website include new domain name they also will hosting it all for FREE. Anyway I have PR blog on blogger so I think if I remove it right now I will lost some revenue for it he he ๐Ÿ˜€ .. Not just blog they also offer more great service take a look on this:

1. Become proud owner of your website www.yoursitename.com instead of using yourname.blogspot.com or geocities.com/yourname.
2. Convert your own blog (yourname.blogspot.com) to complete site www.yourname.com.
3. Create blog service provider like blogspot.com and provide thousands of blogs to the users.
4. Get multiple services like Blog, Forum, CMS and more.
5. Start your own forum at yourname.com and create best forum.
6. Start your or social networking site for your college or university like orkut.com/myspace.com.
7. Unleash power of website by using CMS scripts like Drupal or Joomla and start full-fledged content site.
8. Interested to start image galleries based site like flicker.com or imageshack.us.
9. Interested in news start your own social bookmarking site like digg.com/del.icio.us.
10. Start your own free wiki site like wikipedia.org with us.
11. Want to start your own classified site like www.craigslist.org.

That’s great service, Anyway…. I’m not sure this will TOTALLY FREE after your website success. I’m still waiting response from hyperwebenable owner to clarify this.

Get free website for your blog

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Online Business, Tips & Trick

Wow.. I’m totally crazy today *lol* ๐Ÿ˜€ I just buy 4 new domains today from maxoz.com I do prepare to grown my online business more in other aspect (I’m really serious in adsense! I want more!) Anyway I used 4 hours to get idea and choose an familiar SEO for my domain name ha ha.. here is my new domaaaaaiin welcome my new child! onlinegamesjunky.com (games site), ahooy.net (not sure about this one, I still look idea for relevant content for it), maxtemplate.com (free and paid template site), technoreviews.net (all about technology reviews! I love this domain name)

Want my tips how do I choose my domain name?
1.I do checking on google, yahoo and MSN live for specific keyword to integrate it on my domain. example keyword: “free money” and I got result with domain name having words near to keyword showing on top list. freemoneycom, freeonlinemoney.com, money.com, ilovemoney.com and bla bla bla.. You got it now?google result

2.I try as possible to get a shortest domain name why? I want people to remember my domain name with easy so they can come back later!

3.Word in keyboard position! remember standard international keyboard! at least don’t to far away from each word in keyboard!
standard international keyboard

4.Hope and little luck… he he he

Good luck on your choice ^^

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