Make Money Online, Online Business, Short Reviews, how many of you all already known about this site? If you not mind let me write a short review for this site. slogan is “Matching Advertiser With Publisher” as they slogan said they will advertising ads matching with your site content. Example: you have insurance site they will advertise insurance ads. almost works totally same with betterthanbanners. Basically you just need to put banner ads on your site and you get paid fixed price each month. No matter how much people click or ignore it, how big your site, how much visitor you got each day, how popular your website, what is your google pagerank, what is your alexa rank bla bla bla..

First time you joined you will get 5 bonus after that for each ads you will get paid 3 per month. They also offer affiliate for each new publisher you refer they will pay you 5 . Payment will start once Read More »

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Necessary or not necessary the answer is it NECESSARY!! Sitemap will not hurt you back? Why you’re not learn to optimize your SEO through sitemap. Learn from case, why visitor not come to your website? because your website is not visible!, Visible in here mean your website is hard to found visitor who’s looking any information they needed. Through sitemap your website will got indexed and every time people search using specific keyword your website will showing in result.. that was I mean VISIBLE!

Take a look on my case on site

Look how my website can showing on position 3 using keywords “flash online games” (more data can be found through google webmaster tools about keyword and website position on each unique keyword) it’s have lot of factor in result from your website title your domain name, your meta keyword, and last from your meta description.

I will not write about it right now.. but I will writing about sitemap now. Did you know first time my website not indexed already by TOP 5 search engine my traffic has never blow up. Until I submit my sitemap to TOP 5 search engine until today I satisfied with traffic result. XML sitemap is the standard for google,yahoo,live/MSN,ask and maybe other search engine.

If you want to blow up your traffic you can build your own sitemap. There is lot of free sitemap generator you can found… for reference I personally recommended you to look on this list for wordpress you can use this nice plugins once you create it submit to google webmaster tool, yahoo site explorer, live webmaster tool, and ping some search engine to started crawler your website. Wait 1-2 month and see how your traffic can blow up. You can use google analytic to analyze your traffic.

Good luck 😀

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Hi everyone, You might not see me writing around 2-4 days ago.. like usually I’m busy building and promoting my new website, also busy in real life… study in college and manage my cybercafe. Now it’s all almost done so I can break to writing again, I will write new article today about make money online through reseller programs.

Have you guys seen an BIG hosting company like, etc or Big domain company like, etc. How much do you think this company revenue each month? he he he keep it yourself… 😀 I believe they made million dollars daily.

Actually that is the business type we should follow, if we like to make money online. No need to work really hard there is lot of website sale their reseller hosting or domain. We can used it to make profit our own! calculate it… really simple for you to make profit for each sale you get.

Example, you buy reseller package for $100 then you resale it again for $150 so you made $50 profit in your pocket! is that really easy? No! it’s not easy.. how to make your sale grown each day? promote it, give service plus, good communicating with your costumer, is MUST! It’s not easy to become dreamhost or godaddy in just 1 day. that’s why I said it’s not so easy.

Investing? Yes is it. You have to investing some money for 1-2 years first and also your time to grown your company and then you can enjoy the profit after everything going stronger. Basically I can not predict you will success after 1 or 2 years, some takes really short time if they know how to grown their business some will take so loooooooooooong time to become success.. he he 😀

Anyway this business type is profitable! each day always there is people buy domain name for each domain name they want to build it into website they need hosting. So it just like circle or money if you in the right spot you can collect that money.

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I just want to share my story today with you all my readers, I just bought new domain name and hosting on crayonhost. After searching and choose relevant name for more than 1 hours I choose name why vidzmotion? actually I try to get domain name,,, but someone already register it before me…. j**k!!! 😀

Why Crayonhost? When I do searching for hosting that support for ffmpeg only crayonhost can give the best price and service (uptime guarantee). I’m not try to promote them.. this is just my opinion don’t take it to much seriously. The guys (CEO) of crayonhost is not to far away from and familiar with my country, Indonesia. And he’s understanding about what Indonesian people needed, that’s why I choose him.

No problem until now, I will try to optimize this domain popularity.. If you guys have time to look on my new video site (not done yet right now.. maybe 2-3 days later or more) and interesting, please register on there because I will pay you some $$ just for uploading your video to my site as long it’s not p**n content I promise will share my revenue with you all.

End of story today… I’m tired working on my site he he he.. going to sleep……. 😀

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Wow.. I’m totally crazy today *lol* 😀 I just buy 4 new domains today from I do prepare to grown my online business more in other aspect (I’m really serious in adsense! I want more!) Anyway I used 4 hours to get idea and choose an familiar SEO for my domain name ha ha.. here is my new domaaaaaiin welcome my new child! (games site), (not sure about this one, I still look idea for relevant content for it), (free and paid template site), (all about technology reviews! I love this domain name)

Want my tips how do I choose my domain name?
1.I do checking on google, yahoo and MSN live for specific keyword to integrate it on my domain. example keyword: “free money” and I got result with domain name having words near to keyword showing on top list. freemoneycom,,, and bla bla bla.. You got it now?google result

2.I try as possible to get a shortest domain name why? I want people to remember my domain name with easy so they can come back later!

3.Word in keyboard position! remember standard international keyboard! at least don’t to far away from each word in keyboard!
standard international keyboard

4.Hope and little luck… he he he

Good luck on your choice ^^

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