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This is happen 3 days ago when my friend asking for converting him .htaccess into lighttpd rewrite rules format. After conversion done he wanted to share this script to everyone. If you’re professional Fotographer or just blogger, you may wanted to copyright all your photos/images. Even we know, sometimes people like to share for having fun…. but some people need a copyright to protected his original works before someone copy it. If you’re doing this manually it will take a long time and of course you will bored before this done. In short time we can make a simple watermark to protected our images.


  1. Apache with mod_rewrite / lighttpd (just convert rewrite rules, it should work)
  2. PHP with GD library (check in your phpconfig or asking your webhosting)

Step one.

Prepare one images that you should used as watermark.テあ This images should be in .PNG format, you can created one using photoshop software to make transparant effect.

Step two.

Make new or open your .htaccess files and write down this code inside it:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.+)\.jpg$ wrapper.php?image=$1\.jpg [L]
RewriteRule ^(.+)\.gif$ wrapper.php?image=$1\.gif [L]
RewriteRule ^(.+)\.png$ wrapper.php?image=$1\.png [L]
RewriteRule ^(.+)\.bmp$ wrapper.php?image=$1\.bmp [L]

For Lighttpd users try to using this conversion, if you meet any problem just following your path and symbol :

url.rewrite-once = (
“^\(.*).jpg” => “/wrapper.php?image=$1.jpg”,
“^\(.*).gif” => “/wrapper.php?image=$1.gif”,
“^\(.*).png” => “/wrapper.php?image=$1.png”,
“^\(.*).bmp” => “/wrapper.php?image=$1.bmp”

Step three.

Create wrapper.php files and put code below inside it:

$watermark = “watermark.png”;
$image = $_GET[“image”];

if (empty($image)) die();

if (!file_exists($image)) {
header(“404 Not Found”);
echo “File Not Found.”; die();
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Here comes to my idea after long time to busy forテあwriting onテあthis blog, making aテあlist ofテあwebsiteテあwhere we can get cheapest domain ever on Internet are good idea.

Why buy domain? we can develop a great website using that domainテあor we can resale it again for higher price if we can get a good one name. Not just that we can parking it to earn money online as long we know how to get traffic for it. 泗

In criteria what a good domain name:

  • Short alphabet 3-5 are rares

  • Strong extension, .com are much powerful than .net,テあ.info, etc.

  • Easy name to remember like cola, simba, mojo, etc.

1. godaddy.com

Average price, worth service,テあnot to cheap but most people love to buy domain in here, there is discountテあfor bulk buyer, right now you can get $0.99 .info on there!

2. name.com

Cheap and worth, most people like to buy .com and .net in here, they offer best price on yearly price, you can get $5.99 .net andテあdiscounted .com using promotion code TLHF99

3. domain.yahoo.com

You can get cheapestテあ$1.99 .com (1st year) in here, promotion only valid for new costumer.

Investing your domain name right now before it to late!

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Hello everyone, Yay! finallyテあmy new hosting server is up and running I love the unlimitedテあ feature make me can offerテあbetter space and bandwith with cheap price for everyone.. once it ready to open for public I will tell you guysテあthe URL for international market…

Right now I really need information about cheap domain resale please inform me about this, I was looking on google and not found one that sell domain serviceテあcheap and legal. Whats good if I offer cheap hosting but my domain service it to high people will leave it LOL… please inform me about cheap domain resale..

Thank you 沽

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Matched.co.uk, how many of you all already known about this site? If you not mind let me write a short review for this site. Matched.co.uk slogan is “Matching Advertiser With Publisher” as they slogan said they will advertising ads matching with your site content. Example: you have insurance site they will advertise insurance ads.

Matched.co.uk almost works totally same with betterthanbanners. Basically you just need to put banner ads on your site and you get paid fixed price each month. No matter how much people click or ignore it, how big your site, how much visitor you got each day, how popular your website, what is your google pagerank, what is your alexa rank bla bla bla..

First time you joined you will get テぅ5 bonus after that for each ads you will get paid テぅ3 per month. They also offer affiliate for each new publisher you refer they will pay you テぅ5 . Payment will start once Read More »

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Necessary or not necessary the answer is it NECESSARY!! Sitemap will not hurt you back? Why you’re not learn to optimize your SEO throughテあsitemap. Learn from case, why visitor not come to your website? because your website is not visible!, Visible in here mean your website is hard to found byテあvisitor who’s looking any information they needed. Through sitemap your website will got indexed and every time people search using specific keywordテあyour website will showing in result.. that was I mean VISIBLE!

Take a look on my case on site www.ahuuy.com

Look how my website can showing on position 3 using keywords “flash online games”テあ(more data can be found through google webmaster tools about keyword andテあwebsite position on eachテあunique keyword)テあit’s have lot of factor in result from your website title,テあyour domain name, your meta keyword, and last fromテあyour meta description.

I will not writeテあabout it right now.. butテあI will writingテあabout sitemap now. Did you know first time my website not indexed already by TOP 5 search engine my traffic has never blow up. Until I submit my sitemap to TOP 5 search engine until today I satisfied with traffic result. XML sitemap is the standard for google,yahoo,live/MSN,ask and maybe other search engine.

If you want to blow up your traffic you can build your own sitemap. There is lot of free sitemap generator you can found… for reference I personally recommended you to look on this list http://code.google.com/sm_thirdparty.html for wordpress you can use this nice plugins http://www.arnebrachhold.de/redir/sitemap-home/ once you create it submit to google webmaster tool, yahoo site explorer, live webmaster tool, and ping some search engine to started crawler your website. Wait 1-2 month and see how your traffic can blow up. You can use google analytic to analyze your traffic.

Good luck 沽

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