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Hi Everyone, In the past articles I promised to share some of my strategy for my neobux direct referrals and here is the one. This strategy need money to start but it not very big and I believe everyone can accept it. As we already know the key to earn more money in neobux is referrals. The problem is rented referrals sucks and it’s may costly more than money we earn back.

In this strategy we will using referrals but not rented referrals, it’s direct referrals which there is no cost to earn from them. You may have problem to get real referrals, so I will teach you how to get them. As we already know there is some PTS (paid to sign up) site which promised to send us a guaranteed sign up.

We can use this PTS to promote our link to get direct referrals. Of course we need to calculate everything first so we will not loss any cent. Example: 4 ads daily from 1 direct referrals will make us earn $0,04 daily. If they click 4 ads daily for 4 (fourth) days we will earn $0,04×4=$0,16 Take a deep breath here is the key… You pay them $0,10 for sign-up and active for 4(fourth) day so you will get profit $0,16-$0,10=$0.06


$0,06 sounds to small but how if we buy 1,000 direct referrals 1,000x$0,06 = $60… So you will earn $60 in only 4 (fourth) days. If in a month you will earn 30/4x$60 = $450 a month! more direct referrals you buy more money for you! Remember you will not loss anything using this strategy because you don’t have to pay them if they just signup and not click at least 16 ads for you.

Simple as you think 😀 The hardest job for you is to find legit and cheap PTS site to promoting your offers. People love free stuff, I believe they will take your offers as long both of you earn money. This strategy also will work on paid offers, example you promote paid hosting, you can use PTS to get people to sign-up and buy the product but your shares to them should less than commission that you will get per-sales.

Better if we get 30% shares more than we got nothing. Internet is a big place and there is such a big opportunity. Poor people can be rich on Internet if he know the formula, We need to think smart.

That’s share for today, have a nice day everyone 😀


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If we are using wordpress we can easily using plugin to make switch button between desktop version or mobile version for our blog. Question is how if we’re not using wordpress or we already using another CMS which not contain mobile device detection or we want to build it from zero. In this short articles I will write some technique to detecting mobile device or desktop device.

Google really inspired my creativity after they allowed my country language showing ads in mobile version. There is 2 version ads which it’s only shown for Android or iPhone and another one is for all mobile device. I want to target the ad to maximize my revenue so I looking a better way to detecting mobile device.

After searching yesterday I found one interesting project it was php-mobile-detect. Actually it PHP class to detecting all mobile device and some high-end device ex: android iphone, etc You can download php mobile detec class from here, open it, you may change something on there is you know about mobile device.


Next, how to using this class. It’s very simple because they already documented it. First upload php mobile detect class and then created some php files with content like this:

$detect = new Mobile_Detect();

After that there is 7 device you can detect using this class… isAndroid(), isBlackberry(), isOpera(), isPalm(), isWindows(), isGeneric(), and isMobile.() Next, If I want to shown ad only for android phone then I just created php script with content like this sample:

if ($detect->isAndroid()) {
// code to run for the Google Android platform

There is something missing on here, as we can see there is no detector for isDesktop() version. Don’t worry we can tricky it using some declaration. There is detector for isMobile() so we will using this variable. The sample code:

if (($detect->isMobile()) == false) {
// code to run for the desktop version

That’s it! now we can sepearated users based on their device 🙂 and we can target ad to shown only for device required. This script was tested on my small project today, you can visited by click this. It’s not done yet but it’s already detecting what device you’re using to access it. Be creative, use your imagination to make a better coding!

That’s it, Have a nice day everyone! 🙂


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This is a short tips and trick for you to optimize your make money journey through inline text ad linkworth-linkwords. As I already written in the past there is 3 the best of inline text advertising. It wasÂlinkworth, infolinks, and kontera (sorted by higher revenue).

We already know linkworth pay higher than other networks but sometimes we don’t know what keywords will turned into inline text ads correct? Today I was login into my linkworth account and found something interesting on there 😀

If you want to optimize your revenue through linkworth-linkwords you have to write some keywords they listed on their linkworth-keywords list. That’s usually the keywords will converted into inline text ads. I believe now you understand what I mean with this article title optimize. When you have more ad impression mean you will get more possibilities ad to get clicked when your visitors interest on it.

Where those dang keyword list?


Login into your linkworth account, next click on my products, next click on linkwords, next click on keywords. An paid keyword list will be listed on there!

The keyword is listed alphabetically so you can easily found what keywords will match your site content. Example: your site topic is about money, you will have more keywords about money, make money, earn money, get money, free money, money money, bad money, good money, etc, etc. This keyword will turned into inline text ads and your visitors might interesting on it.

The last thing, Right now linkworth-linkwords offer more inline text ad style to fit your site design. I already looking at that new style but none interesting me *lol* but at least… now we have more style for inline text ad from linkworth-linkwords.

Interesting? want to joined through my affiliate links? click here! if you mind to become my referrals go to directly.

Done for today, have a nice day everyone 😀


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Do you have website with a lot traffic but not success on monetize it? Already try CPC program but nobody clicks on that ads? Another CPM networks banners sucks on their rate? then you should try infinityads!

Infinitiads is another product from yesup network. We’ll already know yesup reputation since long time ago, bet it NO SCAM. Very easy to joined infinityads as long your website not contains a***t/p**n content I think you’ll welcomed to this network. Payout also very lower only $5, net 15 days. Mean each month (or maybe day) you should reach this minimum payout threshold easily.

What I like about infinityads? I like they because they do allowed all website language to joined. There’s hundreds language in this world and if another networks only accept english based site mean another website with non-english language will be gonna bankrupt soon because they can’t monetize it. NOT in infintyads 🙂 as long your website not contain a***t/p**n content you can monetize it, no matter what primary language you’re using. Earnings also depend on your traffic, how much (number) and where do (country) they coming from. If you have more than 10.000 unique visitors daily or 100.000 pageviews daily you should earn around $5-$50 daily (already tested by myself).

What website type should match with infinityads? I think it’s to risk if you put infinityads in website/blog within targeted keyword because actually you will loos some money if you put it on there. I recommended to use infinityads on website with untargeted keyword type like: Forum, Groups, or any website with lower CPC keyword ex: games, international talk (since mostly only English language giving high rate CPC), problem solver, mp3 collection, wallpapers (deppend, you have to check first), video hosting site, free file/document hosting, classified, and many more.

Infinityads might be a good last solution for revenue generator if your website not perform good on any network (and you frustrated hehehe). Actually this ads a little annoying to your visitors because it will open pop-up, but don’t worry if you’re not planed to fully forced all traffic converted to money you can set the frequency cap. It will make your visitors not always get pop-up ads (but also this can lowers your earnings, my recommendation analyzed first)

My Strategy:

  • Convert website with good traffic but not success on CPC.
  • Last solution for money generator for high traffic site (build/buy).
  • If your website visitors never clicking on ads (analyze first).
  • Solution for non-english website but with good traffic.

Joined in here (no refferal links) if you don’t mind you can write on comment box “referred by” to let they know where you coming from 😀

Thank you! have a nice day.

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Actually I have been searching the way for doing this trick long time ago. How to show ads inside wordpress post (like a picture) but no lucky on the result. Usually information I got is only showing ads inside the article but with standard size 480×60 or just a simple plugin to show ads in the first,middle or the end article. I want a beauty position, this position will be a good spot for ads inside wordpress article.

I fell really stupid when I found the tricks is really simple *lol* Tested it on my technology reviews blog… 😀

The result will be like this sample:

When I tested it with another modern browser, firefox and opera the result is same beauty:

How to doing this tricks? Just follow this 5 simple steps 🙂

1. Login into your wordpress admin panel.

2. Click on Appearance, then click editor.

3. Click on your single.php files (it’s actually single post for wordpress).

4. Find the text “php the_content(‘Read the rest of this entry »’);” before this text add this code:

<div style=”float:left; padding-right:10px;”>
Your Ads Code Here

5. It’s done! You can customize it to make it looking good.

Hahaha this is my shortest article, enjoy it people! have a nice day 😀

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